Friday, May 22, 2009

16 week appointment

We had our 16 week appointment on Monday, May 11. Another wonderful visit with Dr. Oldfield! Baby Roberts continues to have a strong heartbeat, in the high 150's. Our next appointment will be our gender ultrasound...and I know I am very ready! John has been so wonderful and patient with my crazy hormone mood swings, late night bathroom trips and other unpleasant pregnancy side effects. :)

Our baby is growing so much and I am starting to feel small flutters and "pops"!! It is a really wonderful time! I have so much energy and finally no real food aversions. My cravings are still fruit, especially watermelon recently.

We have started our list of house projects to finish before this little one arrives...and the list is LONG! But with time and patience, we will have this house ready for him/her!

My latest belly picture is below:

Our trip!

Paris was AMAZING!! And what made it even more amazing was the fact that my morning sickness practically disappeared the day we left! We arrived early on Friday morning and with a long trek to our hotel, crashed for a couple of hours. After that, we felt refreshed and ready to take on the city! The Eiffel Tower was only a couple blocks from our hotel, so that was our first stop.
We had beautiful weather for our first weekend with some cloudy skies on Mon-Wed. But that didn't stop us! We went to Notre Dame, Saint Chappelle, The Louvre (twice!), Musee D'Orsay, Sacre Couer, browsed the shops on the Champs Elysees, caught a show at the Lido (like Moulon Rouge), took at train to Chartres, and had a private tour of Reims & Epernay! Whew!!