Thursday, October 18, 2012

You are 3!

Sweet daughter, you turned 3 years old today!  You are spunky, feisty, loving, caring, sensitive and probably the most out-going and talkative three year old I have ever known.  You have long conversations with anyone that might make eye contact.  What do you talk to them about?  Mainly asking them their favorite color, their mom and dad's name, what they will be for Halloween and then back to their fav colors (sometimes you ask their favorite number).  You captivate EVERYONE that you meet.  They can't believe you are only 3.

And well, we can't believe you have only been in our lives for three years.

You are a game changer, little one.  

We are deep in parent-mode, striving always to provide you with the things you need.  Things to help you grow, learn, develop.  Things to make you the best YOU.  This parent job isn't easy and some days are tough (remember that spunky word I used earlier?  You definitely have the sass) but know this....we wouldn't trade this time for all the money and time in the world.

You have your dad's smarts, your mom's love of dance and well, let's face amazing sense of humor.  You woke this morning to balloons, "A" and "3" shaped pancakes, and an afternoon train ride to downtown for your first banana split.  The entire staff sang you Happy Birthday, because YOU are one captivating little being.

I tell you all the time, I love you "to the moon and back".  Well, maybe if you go back and a couple thousand might just get close.


I hope your day was all you wanted it to be.  We love you, sweet girl.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Time flying

Realized today as I was starting Graham's 16 month post that I only have a few more days to get it in before I should do a 17 month update.  WHA??  And with Anna turning 3 on Thursday (post to come), I am in a time warp that refuses to slow down.  But hey, that's what everyone says so we are choosing to just roll with it and enjoy every second.

Let's talk about Graham.  What a difference a month can make!

Last night he correctly made the sounds for

Kitty (I put this one in even though its a little rough sounding... )
Elephant (with hand motion!!)
Lion/Bear/Tiger (they all sound the same...GRRRRR!!!)
Monkey--OO  OO OO
Owl-  OO OO OO...haha!

And his new  Sounds like "ish".  LOVES them.  As soon as we get to the gym, he runs to the fish tank pointing, laughing and saying "ISH, ISH!!".

His language is improving like crazy and I finally got a couple "Mama" 's out of him the other day.  Finally...  He says "Up" all the time and something like "more milk"...but I think only I can understand that one.  He still loves to snuggle in the morning and will back up to my lap and just cozy in for our morning milk/coffee time.  (coffee just for me, I promise).  His first set of molars are finally all in..whew!  Brings the total teeth count to 12!

After taking him to the Pumpkin Patch at Walden Farms this past weekend, we truly realized this kid has NO fear.  Reaching right into the animal cages, grabbing goat horns, dancing crazy to some banjo music and running FAST to anything new and fun.  What a difference boys are!

He is a pro with a spoon, requests his O's like a pro and still loves to give hugs and kisses, waves bye and basically the sweetest little boy we could ever want.

Can I freeze him right now, please?!?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Best.Video.Ever (so far..)

I finally remembered to get this off my phone.  I adore this video.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anna's sayings...

My favorite things that Anna is saying lately....

"Yesterday".  As in... What did you do yesterday?   (even if referring to today)  And you must say it in a very new england style accent.  Yesstadaay.

"Blast om!"  That would be "Blast Off" for all you rocket fanatics.

"Who bought me this?"  This is a new one.  She will ask this about any and all objects in her possession.

"EEEEEE".  This is Lamby's sound that she says ALL THE TIME.  Hysterical.

These are just the ones off the top of my head.  Will try and add more.  This girl is hysterical with the things she says.  And we are always looking forward to what comes out next...well, most of the time.