Monday, November 11, 2013

Race recap.

We did it.  We ran a half marathon.  THIRTEEN point ONE M I L E S!!!  It still hasn't really sunk in yet.  I will say again, this is one of the hardest physical things I have ever done.  All the training, all the sweat, tears, pain....ALL was worth that feeling of crossing the finish line.

We started this journey a little over a year ago with the Couch to 5k program.  John has always been a runner and was able to jump in a little easier than me.  We ran our first 5k together on Jan 1.  That was the first time I had ever run 3 miles without stopping, and man, I thought that was big news.  After watching Matt and Ruth run the Half/Full in Nashville in March, I knew I wanted to run it.  John immediately signed us up for Savannah in Nov. It was ON like donkey kong.

Our training began and I can't lie and say there weren't multiple "No way I can do this" moments.  It was tough, very tough.  Having never been a runner before, every step was new, different and harder than the one previous.  I had knee and IT Band issues which mentally and physically wore me down. John ran in law school so he was our super cheerleader and a "been there before runner".  Thank God for that man.

Soon we ran a 10k in August, and were deep in our final 12 weeks ramping up to race day.  Our final long run, 11 miles, was a doozy...but we did it and we knew we were ready for the half.  We are so thankful for good friends and neighbors and family who often drank their morning coffee with our kids.  No way we could have done this without them.

Savannah arrived and we were in a constant state of tummy flurries and excitement and a little "what the HELL are we doing!?" moments.  The expo was great, got swag, bibs and just breathed in the awesomeness that is race weekend.  Some friends of ours were running the race (also first time half marathoners) so we got to chat out our nervous energy the night before!

Finally race morning.  Not much sleep was had but we were ready!  Geared up and walking to the start with our friends was exciting as runners came out from every shadow and doorway making their way to the start.  We were in corral 17 and surprisingly we got to the start line only about 26 min after the first gun blast went off.

For me, the first 6-7 miles were great.  Bands, cheers from spectators and excitement from the runners around us carried us through.  I was a couple paces ahead of John for those miles but then I hit a wall.  Right after mile 7.  I couldn't believe it, I still had SIX more miles to go and I was hurting.  My hips were screaming at me but thankfully my knee was holding up.  John and I were pacing each other then and thank God for the lady holding the "You are an inspiration for your kids" sign because that carried me for the next couple miles.

Left: Happy!  Right: Not so happy.

At some point we hit mile 11 and I was done.  With a capital D.  I was hurting, I was sweating, breathing hard and just ready to be finished.  Looking back at my Nike +, I never slowed down more than about 10 seconds per mile, which was quite surprising.  We never walked during the water stations either, for some reason,  just knew that would be harder for me to stop/start.

Finally, John turns back to me and says, "Take your headphones out baby, we are almost done.  Take it in!".  I finally looked around and realized I could see the 13 mile kick turn to the finish.  We were almost done.  Tears started down my cheeks, we did it.  We were about to cross that finish line.  With a raise of our arms, we had the finish in our sights.

After the above picture was taken, I broke down sobbing.  Some from pain but mostly from joy.  From personal accomplishment.  From pride in myself.  I did it.  We did it.  WE RAN A HALF MARATHON.

And you know what?  We're going to do it again.  Looking at you Gasparilla in Tampa, or you Tom King in Nashville and already going to take you on Sprint Triathalon in Mexico Beach.

We've changed our lives and it is awesome.

Friday, October 25, 2013

NOLA weekend!

A couple weeks ago, John and I snuck down to New Orleans for a little getaway.  Those that know us, know that we love to travel and any excuse is a good excuse.  We hopped in the car, CD's & Sirius ready, bags packed and we were on our way (yes, we did drop the kids off in Huntsville first!).

After arriving, grabbing a quick beer and gumbo... and a beinet (of course), we walked around a bit.  Both of us having a feeling that maybe we chose the wrong city for our getaway.  We just weren't feeling it.  It wasn't our first visit to NOLA but we weren't into the drinking or cheap tourist traps.  So, what to do?  Well, we realized we had some great things planned and we just needed to escape the French Quarter.

So escape we did!  First cable car to dinner at Commander's Palace (so delish!) then a 10k jogging tour around town (highly recommend!).


And then a swamp tour!

Yep, that's me!  Holding a baby crocodile!

It was a great getaway, a great time for John and I to spend some good one-on-one time, sleeping in and just being care free.  We did miss the kids, pretty bad.  Our last trip was to St. Louis (and brought the kids) and realized what a GREAT time we had.  Next trip?  Bringing those little rug rats with us.

We are headed to Savannah in two weeks for our first Half-Marathon...the kids won't be traveling with us to that one...but next trip for sure!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anna, you are 4!

We have a daughter who is FOUR.  FOUR years old.  This is crazy to me.  Not that these past four years have flown by because I actually feel we have been present for every day, every moment, but that we are parents.  Parents of a 4 year old!!  Talking about pre-k, kindergarten, ballet lessons, soccer..etc!

Enough about how we feel.  Let's talk about how Anna feels about being 4.  Let's just say she is mildly excited.  Ok, maybe ecstatic is a better word.

Age 3 has been an interesting year for you sweet girl.  You are pushing boundaries, testing waters, questioning authority but still loving with that sweet heart.  You are so independent; insisting on dressing yourself everyday, doing your own hair, helping cook in the kitchen, strapping yourself in your car seat, getting brother dressed (although he resists strongly), caring for the dogs...the list goes on.  But amid that independence is still a shy part of you that resists those first seconds of school, let's me know when you are going to be shy with strangers, and always wants to hold my hand (of which I readily oblige).

I can't imagine what this year will bring for you and for us as a family, but its looking to be pretty amazing. We've heard being 4 is a pretty awesome year for kiddos.  We, for one, are looking forward to spending every moment of it with you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who are you running from?!

I've gotten that question a few times since John and I have started our training for our first Half Marathon.  And to answer it?  Dude, no clue.  I still can't believe we run for distance and not time (like we started with with the Couch to 5k program).  We ran our first "real" (read no walking) 5k on Jan 1 and decided in March to sign up for this half after Anna and I cheered on Matt and his girlfriend Ruth at the Nashville Half/Full.  Basically we've run in years past but just for the past year have we actually made time and put in the effort.

We will run this half marathon in Savannah the day after John's birthday and honestly?  I am mentally ready, although maybe not physically.  We are ready for it to be here and for us to finally know all this training, pain, sweat and tears were worth it.

Who would EVER think that I (ME) would run 13.1 miles?  I surely didn't.  Now I say things like...

"Oh, I can't wait until our 10 mile run this weekend!"


"Hey!  Let's do a sprint triathalon next spring!"

What zombie has invaded my body?

Anywho...stayed tuned for the final 5 weeks of training and pray that my slowly declining knees hold out for just a little bit more.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Holy grown-up Batman!

So graham has decided to just go on and grow-up on us.  WHY?!  Why can't he just slow down?!

Buddy dude is poopin' in the potty, speaking in full sentences, interacting with Anna with full on big guy conversations, more opinionated about food/clothes/diapers/shoes/books...

Hanging with the kids in Anna's class (June 2013).  How big is he?!

Not only is he emotionally getting bigger, he is physically bigger too!  I am buying size 9 shoes for the fall and size 3t/4t tops/2t bottoms (little skinny butt).  Oh and he thinks he is a "SUPAHERRRROOOO"

My blonde babies at Keuka Lake
God, i love this kid!!

Anna update soon!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keuka Lake

I am sure most of you are rolling your eyes at my constant posts about Keuka Lake....its upcoming arrival, our car trip, the mornings on the porch, my soul being re-energized...yada yada yada.  But seriously.  This place is a part of my being.  I must have this place to re-set.  Re-adjust.  To Breathe.

Most all my pictures are up on facebook so it is quite hard to pair these down for one blog post.  So, while are a couple fun things we remember most:

2014 Highlights

Graham speaking in full sentences:  Mommy, I am cold!  What about (place any object)?  Go play in the lake!

Andrew yelling, "ME POOPED!!" after all his bathroom endeavors

Talking with Ryan about Harry Potter

Watching my daughter jump off the boat and try and SKI!!!!  SO BRAVE!

Anna and Emily giggling together

Sharing the lake with amazing friends

Dancing to "Blurred Lines" in the kitchen during our first week

Watching Graham watch the fireworks "oooooooooooo LOOK!!!!"

Shmores.  :)

Hearing Elena say "Papa!"

Friday, June 7, 2013

Kids say...

Now I know why that show was so popular...because they really do say hysterical things.

For example:

"I miss my COUSITS!"  (cousins) - Anna

"Mommy, I sure do need to watch some news." (while eating breakfast) - Anna

"Mommy, get down dere!!" - Graham

"Oooooh, I love it!" - Graham for anything dessert

"No, no, no kisses mommy." - Graham after I smother him or at least try to

These kids are just the coolest.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graham, You are 2

Two years ago this morning, we had no idea you would be making your way into this world.

Two years ago we had no idea how much oxy-clean we would need, nail scrubbers we would acquire, pirate skills we would learn or bone-shaking hugs we would receive.

Two years ago we had no idea you would want to see my face every morning and have your Dad read to you every night.

Two years ago we had no idea that you would truly change our lives.

You are become such an amazing little boy; full of adventure, full of laughter, head-strong like your father, love to dance like me, smart like your sister and love like only a Roberts can...all in.

John said he couldn't believe that you would be turning 2 already but I can't believe you are only 2.  How have we only known you for two years?  It seems like our entire lives have always been the four of us together.

Finally getting to breath in every piece of you.

I should have known by your quick entrance that you will always be this decisive.  You know exactly what you want and well, you want it right then! You constantly want to know, every moment of the day is a point and a "What's that?" while you think about it, repeat the word and then find something else to fill that beautiful brain of yours.  You love singing with sister...ABC's and the Day of the Week song are top on your lists.

You must know that you are a self-proclaimed pirate.  Yes, I said PIRATE!  Every hanger, stick, straw, tube, toothbrush...becomes a pirate sword brandishing it for anyone (or dog) walking by.  You do want a fair fight and will always give your opponent to the chance to find a "sword"....but find it quick!

We have an exciting day planned for you at Dinosaur World and will celebrate this weekend with all your grandparents at the zoo and a party at home!  We know this year will bring us more joy and excitement shown through the eyes of a little boy.

I want you to always know what a special boy you are to us.  You are teaching us every day, testing limits, keeping us on our toes but most of all...showing us truly what love is.

Happy Birthday Buddy Dude!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

23 months. Dum, dum, dummmmm

So I am reliving the discussion with myself about changing my words from, "Oh, my son is x months old!" to "Oh!  I have a two year old!".  See Anna's 22 month post here.

How did this happen?!?  How is he almost 2???  I am so glad I have Leah and Sonia to commiserate on how fast our little ones our growing.  Barrett turns 2 on Saturday and Elena just 8 days before Graham.  Ladies, seriously, how has it been 2 years?!  Well, 23 months actually....

I don't think I actually have the words to express my love and joy in our little guy.  I can go on and on about how sweet he is when I pick him up from school....a loud, "MOMMA!!!" and then a giant hug with a pat on the back included.  Or how when I sing to him when I tuck him in at night he holds my hand up to his cheek and smiles at me.  Or how he reaches up and puts his little hand in mine when we are walking together.  But, let me save those for that 2 year post.

Running around at Seaside

Someone told me the other day how ridiculously smart this kid is, they even said smarter than Anna.  John and I both looked at one another and thought..."Oh no.., we are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E".  You can actually SEE the wheels turn in this guys head.  He is picking up two and three sentence blurbs, repeating everything, quick with the ipad, lethal with a crayon (just ask my walls), and can pretty much mimic any animal sound in the kingdom.

He moved into a big boy bed this month...and I think we are down to only getting out of bed about 15 times a night (all in the first 30 min, mind you).  No crying, not upset, just thinks it is a fun game to run downstairs...SURPRISE!  Enter in baby gate, stage left.

He can count to 15, anything after kind of sounds like mumbles or a football call.  1, 2....12, 13, 14, 15, blue, sifteen, elevendy....Makes me laugh every time.  Oh and growth?  Well, "spurt" might not actually describe it accurately.  How about him basically skipping over 2T?  Buddy dude is pushing out of a size 8 shoe and in 3T tops already.  SLOW DOWN please!

His soul is still sensitive, one thing he definitely gets from me.  He hates to see sister cry, which will often bring tears to his own eyes.  He is quick to give a reassuring pat or even a monster-big-hug.  These hugs start from WAAAAYY on the other side of the room, with a run and LEAP into my arms. Can you tell this guy has me wrapped around his finger?!

One of his all time favorite things, SWINGING!

Easter Egg hunt 2013, Two Rivers Park. 

This year is bringing great things for us and watching Graham add to that joy has been life changing. Little Man, you rock our world.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Upcoming posts!

Because my blog has been all about Disney, you would think we had nothing else going on.  Well, you would be wrong my friends.

I have a bunch of posts in draft form so here is a little preview.

Little man is inching closer to that 2nd birthday.  He is our little wound up PIRATE!  (self imposed career path)

Our beach trip last weekend.  Although it was wonderful, make no mistake, it was all bid-ness.

Little girl and her antics.  We are surprised and challenged every day!

So, stay tuned!  Posts coming soon!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Disney Part 2!

So I only got through the first day with Part 1 (see here), we will see how far I get to with this post. But first, I forgot this little gem from meeting the princesses!  Graham got a SMOOCH from Princess Aurora!

Friday morning comes bright and early after a complete CRASH from Thursday.  Oh!  Forgot!  My brother, Matt and his new girlfriend, Ruth got to Orlando late on Thursday night!  Matt was beaming and Ruth is wonderful.  I don't think we could have picked a better partner for him.  We had been talking about their arrival all day, so the kids we ecstatic to meet her and instantly treated her like part of the family.

Back to the early was time for breakfast with Mickey!  We had reservations at the Contemporary Resort at Chef Mickey.  It was again a cold morning but still we all had perma-grins on our faces.  The food was great and the characters (and waiters/waitresses) were AWESOME!

It was Kristen's Birthday!  How cool to spend it with family, Mickey and pals?!?!?


There were Mickey shaped waffles (which were DELICIOUS), hot coffee, music, kids smiling, happy parents and even a candle/cupcake for Kristen.  It was goooood.  And then came the characters!

Surprise!  Donald snuck up behind Dad and Ryan!
Meeting Minnie and dancing with excitement!

You can see, we really did have an amazing time.  How could I choose from the hundreds of photos from just that breakfast?!?  That afternoon the guys went to catch a quick golf game while the ladies entertained the kids.  Running around Reunion and even catching a "quick" lunch at Downtown Disney.  (i say "quick" because there is no such thing as a fast lunch in Disney but it was still a good little adventure!)

Emily and I after getting our pixie dust in Downtown Disney.  Can you see all the sparkles?
That night the adults all scampered off to Epcot while the kids stayed with a babysitter.  We had reservations at Monsieur Paul in Paris to celebrate Kristen's birthday and this wonderful trip!  Our DBA (Jason) and his wife, Claire (basically my other sister) joined us as well.  Dinner was overly delightful, the food amazing, drinks quenching and after my singing of the French National Anthem to our waiter (who was French, of course) half of us watched fireworks while the other half snagged a couple rides!

Wait, what?  You didn't know I knew the entire French national anthem in FRENCH?  Well, I do.  Ask me next time and I will serenade you.  Thank you Madame Kemp.  :)

Looks like this will be a three part-er....stay tuned!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Disney Part 1

24 hours of driving, just about 24 hours TOTAL sleep after three nights and WAY too many smiles to count.  That could be one way to sum up our trip to Disney but you wouldn't even touch the magic that we experienced.  Hence "Part 1" in the title.

Some people say that Disney is only commercialization, but we can agree to disagree.  It wasn't about the things to buy (which we hardly bought a thing) it was about the Magic.  That's with a capital "M" for sure.  There were more than a few times where I was teary eyed from the excitement beaming from the kids (and adults) faces at any point on this trip.

So before the amazing photos and recount of the days....first, let's give some credit.  To my folks.  This was their idea and gift that allowed this to come together the way it did.  I don't think I can thank them enough.  For us, it was our best family vacation to date and I seriously can't wait to do it again!

So let's get started, shall we?

Arriving at the house in Reunion.

Arriving on Wednesday, Kristen and I sat down that evening to plan out our day at the park.  We had been switching between which park to do and then just realizing we really, really wanted to start off at Magic Kingdom and crowds be damned.  So we sat down, reviewing site after site and getting REALLY stressed out.  This is when we received "the call".  I might refer to this call as the "call that totally made our vacation".  Who was on the other end of that call?  None other than who will soon to be referred to as the DBA.  That would be "Disney Bad-Ass".  My sister's best friend married a pretty cool guy whose business does one thing: GET YOU AROUND DISNEY WITH NO LINES.  What you ask?  This exists?  Oh heck yes it does.  Basically he says to us..."go to sleep, you have a long day with me and it is going to rock.  Just meet me before the toll booth at 6:45am."  Jason says jump and we say YES SIR.

7 am, freezy-freezy but yet totally sums up our happiness!

First group picture and could we have picked a better spot?  I think not.  We weren't prepared for the cold or the wind but I am pretty sure NO ONE complained.  How did we get in at 7am?  Trade secret...HIRE Jason.  :)  He led us through the park like the DBA he was and we quickly and yet leisurely rode (not in the exact order) Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, visits with Minnie/Daisy/Goofy/Donald, Barnstormer, Ariel's grotto, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion, Arial Orbitor, Carousel of Progress/Space Mountain (rotated), Arial Orbiter, Buzz Lightyear, Big Thunder Mountain (x2) and meeting Mickey Mouse...pretty much all before lunch.  And the crowds were listed as a 8.2/10.  It was glorious.

We were like kids skipping through the park, giggling on rides, squeezing our babies tight and beaming with joy.

Meeting Minnie!

Riding buzz light year and taking care of the bad guys!

Best. Photo. Ever.

Probably one of my top two photos of the day (above and below).  Pure Happiness and joy!

After a full day, happy kids, full bellies, and pulled facial muscles from all the laughing....our DBA walks up to us with a handfull of Fastpasses for Mickey Mouse.  The BIG GUY!  We still aren't sure how and when he got these for us but we were, again, amazed!  They usher us to the back area where we are led into a small backroom.  Seriously, we were actually all a little really meeting a celebrity.  Who am I kidding, he is a celebrity!!  Anna and Graham could hardly contain their excitement.  It was a pretty awesome way to end our morning (oh and the fastpasses for the Princesses from 6-7pm that that DBA hid until we were walking out).

We quickly took the kids home for naps...well, all of us took naps!  We were exhausted.  Pulled out of deep slumbers, we rallied the troops and head to dinner then back to the park.  We had Princesses to see!!  After some sweet talking from John to get us in the fastpass line after we missed our window, we were priveledged to meet Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel!

Anna's first glimpse of Cinderella.  Priceless.

I don't like to push the whole "princess" thing but I love the imagination, the fun and the adventure that does come along with those stories.

From Princesses to Parades!  The Electrical Light Parade was AWESOME!  The kids were mesmerized  either from the characters, lights, floats or sheer exhaustion.  There are about a million more pictures to choose but I tried to pick ones I didn't put on facebook.

And this was only Day 1.  Stay tuned.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Too excited to sleep.

Surely everyone remembers that commercial with the two little kids who just can't seem to fall asleep the night before their Disney trip?  Well, that's me.  I am so beyond excited.

We are leaving tomorrow to get to my parent's house in Cartersville, then early morning rise on Wednesday to drive on down to Disney.  The entire Wilkins clan is going ALL thanks to my parents.  This is going to be one awesome, awesome trip.

No expectations, no "must-haves", just pure fun and joy. Oh, there will be you were worried.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I laugh at myself.

Didn't I say something in my New Year's post about a ho-hum year?  Not much on the books?


I laugh at that post.

I am so funny.

And no, I am not sharing right now.

(but I'm not pregnant...just in case that is what you thought)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls weekend

After two of my very good girlfriends moved away from Nashville last year, I was kind of down in the dumps.  Moping around the house, wishing for their company and John telling me he no longer wanted to discuss the newest style in shoe and that i HAD to find some new girlfriends.  Well, I realized I DO have lots of girlfriends, some just aren't here in Nashville.  I then realized I have THREE sets of girlfriends wanting to do girls weekends this year.  How awesome is that?  So, the first of three kicked off the year.

And boy was it a GREAT weekend.

So here is my confession.  I have some friends I met online.  I know, I know.  You are probably judging me or maybe you also have done this too?  I met these women when trying to conceive Anna.  It wasn't the easiest process for us and I needed someone to vent, scream, process, learn and lean on that wasn't John.  So long story short, met them through the BabyCenter, we broke away and made a facebook group and the rest is history.  I "met" them over 4 years ago.  Some had met in person, we have chatted on the phone, texted, name it. I am grateful for these, judgment be damned.

It may have been a gray Atlanta weekend but inside was full of sunshine and laughter!

We gathered from all over the country and it was just like meeting old friends. I actually think at one point my face cramped up from laughing so hard!  Each of these women brings something amazing to the table.  We have a Nurse Practitioner, a teacher, a PR/Marketing whiz, an accountant, a soon to be Lactation consultant and current Air Force wife/super mom, and a former eye-guru who is now basically a super mom.   Who am I kidding, the term "super mom" needs to be attached to ALL our names.

L: Holly and baby Scarlett, R: Shelley (standing) and Amber

One of the ladies is actually my twin.  Weird, right?  Here's why...  We have sons named Graham, dogs named Cooper, husbands who are only children and attorneys, creative jobs, 5'11", blonde hair...well, the list goes on.  And well, our kitchen dance parties are now legendary.

What did we do on this wonderful weekend?  We filled our souls with talk and maybe lots of wine and coffee and laughter...oh and sweet baby snuggles.  Scarlett came with Hollie as she is still nursing and we were more than happy to snuggle on that sweet little one to give Momma a break!  And BW and AP (for some reason, that is what I must call them Theresa!) came with Theresa and her husband after they enjoyed the Aquarium.

Sweet Aubrey and her momma, Theresa, R: Me Facetiming with Anna while she meets Bryce.  She just said, "I don't like that guy". Hysterical
The sweetness is too much.

The crew

Great friends are not always easy to find.  Ones that you connect with, find comfort with, but when you do find them...well, you hold on tight and then plan your next trip.  Where to next ladies??

Don't ask.  Just enjoy the crazy that is this picture.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little bit about G.

While we were at the beach our little guy turned 20 months old!  I remember this point with Anna, thinking wow...2 is quickly approaching (and by the time I post this he will be almost 21 months old which means he is closer....ahh, I digress)

People weren't kidding when they say boys and girls are different.  My kids might be polar opposites.  What is going on with Graham-man lately?  Well, let me tell you.  He is a monkey.  Literally, diagnosed the other day as a full on monkey-boy.  (this means he climbs a lot just in case you didn't pick up on that).  Seriously, climbing everything, leaping, jumping, crawling...VERY active.  So much that he really doesn't have time for that eating thing you are supposed to he is our skinny guy.  Still sporting 18 month pants (although too short) but 24m/2T tops because he is so tall with long arms, weighed in at home around 27lbs which means he has lost a little since his 18m appt.  Size 7 shoes are getting a bit snug and still in size 4 diapers (these stats are completely for my benefit years down the road).

All that to say he is awesome.  And ridiculously cute.  You've seen this picture, yes?

He is getting better with his vocabulary.  Newer words: Train, Airpane!, still loves all his animal sounds (and getting really good!), cracker, apple, nana (banana), water, boat (sail and plain), keys. Still aren't putting words together but he will in time and we are just enjoying his sweet voice.  And although he may not speak in sentences the boy can SING!  His favs?  Twinkle, twinkle and ABC's.  Seriously, he will sing almost the entire song of each and you can actually understand him.  Goal for the next couple weeks--- catch it on video!

You might not know that Graham is a biter.  Oh, wait, you've been bitten by him before?  Not shocking.  The boy may not be able to tell you to stop taking his toy or to move out of his way but he will bite you which probably solves all the previous problems (for him, but gives you a whole new set).  Not kicked out of school yet but we are working on more sign language to help, a new book about what teeth are for and prayers that Church and school continue to be sympathetic.

He loves blowing kisses though, which helps charm all those around him when a biting episode might happen.  He gives big hugs and loves to cuddle in my arms in the morning on our chair.  Our favorite new thing is the hand holding...melt. my. heart.  That sweet little hand wrapped up in mine, might just be the best.

Hoping to be better with kid updates!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beach bound.

So, I've been a bit slack.  Yes, that is an understatement but this will be a fun post.  In fact, I have two posts at the ready.  On your mark, get set, READ!


One slow Friday afternoon, John and I were laying in bed waiting for the kids to get up from their naps. It was around 3:45 and we were talking about the beach and just wishing we were there.  John says, "Well, do you just want to go?".

"Go?" I say.

"GO"  He says.

Ummm HELLS yea I do.  So we pack in about 8.5 seconds while the kids were sleeping, wake them from their slumber, throw them in the car and we were on the road by 4:30pm.  No joke.  (John's wonderful secretary promised to keep our dogs alive).

We call a couple places, find an amazing last minute rate and zoom on down to sunny skies and white sands.  Both kids were amazing in the car (as they always are) and we arrived at 1:30am, both kids all smiles as we get settled in our little condo.

The 3-day weekend was amazing.  Seriously amazing.  The weather was only slightly cool (60's) when we arrived but warmed up enough for playing on the beach and even wearing SHORTS.  Hallelujah.

The kids must have known it was special and they were certainly on their best behavior.  Just wanting to explore, play, run and giggle.  We ate seafood, snuggled 4 wide on the pull-out bed at night for a movie, tried on big fat sun hats at Perspicacity, picked out new books at Sundog, built sandcastles which Graham promptly destroyed, learned about drip castles and basically enjoyed our first family vacation with just our little family.  It was heaven.

Here, don't take my word for it, check out the pictures.

Would any of you expect less from my husband but to encourage the photo above?

Anna finding shells and Graham making sure all the sand got back into the water.  These are water babies, correction...BEACH babies. What is it about the ocean that calms our souls and puts a perma grin on our faces?

And this last picture Anna is sharing a look as if to say, "Mom, let's just do this again, ok?"

You got it girl, girl.  You got it.