Monday, June 28, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!

Anna was invited to a little baby soiree at Sophie's house last Friday. The girls also got to play with Sophie's cousin, Brady, and friend Clayton. Anna is the oldest, then Clayton, Sophie then Brady. You wouldn't know that Brady was the youngest...because he was definitely the most active. He is a squirmy, flipping, pulling up, active little 6 month old! We spent a little time in the pool, had a yummy lunch and just got to play with "new" toys. Anna discovered her love for walkers...looks like we need to invest in one of those. We can't wait to go back and play again! Thank you Sophie and Emily!

Anna says, "Um, excuse me, can I have that?"

Sweet! He doesn't even know I took it.

Sweet Sophie B.

What a happy baby!

The boys are very serious about their toys.

Which way to look?

Anna says, "Did you see what he did?"

Sweet Clayton with all those teeth!

Our raucous group of little bits.

Sophie says, "Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed my toys."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I love what I do.

I love what I do because I get to have moments with Anna just rolling on the bed, laughing, playing and cutting coupons for our next trip to the grocery store. You just don't get these with an 8-5 job.

And yes, this is our new bed! (and new bedding...i just couldn't help myself!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

To Anna..

(taken by our dear friend Tommy)

To my dearest daughter,

You are 8 months old! I can't believe how fast you are growing and I knew I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to tell you everything about your life right now.

You are loved beyond measure. You have two sets of grandparents that can't wait to see you and squeeze you. You have a Dad that works so hard to provide a wonderful future for you while still soaking up all the Anna time he could possibly need (and probably wants more). And well, your mom, that's me, can't get enough of you. We get to spend our days filled with laughter, play time, exploring, sleeping, eating and learning more about each other.

You aren't quite crawling yet, but you want to be on the move! You will sit with your legs in a wide "V" and reach as far as you can without having to get on your tummy. You will turn your body to the side and have two arms on the ground with one leg in the crawling position and just just aren't sure where to go next! You are eating finger foods and really seem to be enjoying it immensely. We try new foods all the time and you always get a bite of whatever I am eating.

You still have about 2 more months left in your helmet and you are such a trooper. I can't imagine what it is like to wear it although you don't even seem to realize it is there. I wish I could wear it instead of you.

Lately you have become such a momma's girl. Always wanting to be held or more attention given to you...and I will say I don't mind. I love when you reach out to me!

Your love affair with the pups is ongoing and lately Abbie has truly become your companion. I can only imagine she will be your sleeping buddy once you move to a toddler bed...and I can't tell you how happy I am.

You are a wonderful baby, a great sleeper/napper and an absolute light of joy in our lives. We can't even remember life before you..

All our love,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Measurements update.

We had our follow-up appointment at Hanger Orthotics on Tuesday to measure Anna's progress in the helmet. We can see the progress but really wanted to compare her numbers...and we were ALL extremely pleased. In fact, our orthotist said Anna wins the award for the best numbers so far! Our little head growing proud. :)

Her cephalic index (meaning the ratio of front-back and left-right, a good indicator of brachycephaly, normal is around 78-80%) started at around a 92% (first measure was around 95%) and NOW it is at 84%! WOW!

Left Anterior to Right Posterior
(meaning her front left forehead to the back right of her head, indication of positional plagiocephaly, normal is 0mm asymmetry when comparing this to the other side - front right to back left), started around a 7mm difference and a measurement of 140mm and NOW it is at 152mm, which means she grew about 12 mm!! (since her entire head has grown the difference correction would be greater than the original 7mm). HUGE difference!
Her head looks almost completely normal. The last part to "fill out" will be the top portion and we are still on for a removal date at her 10 month appointment, or August. We have another appointment in 3 weeks (July 6) then I am hoping for one more, then DONE. Couldn't have come at a better time since Anna and I will leave for the lake in mid-August.

We have physical therapy today and looking forward to sharing this news with Amy, our PT!

I just realized this post needs a picture! This was taken during breakfast the other day...our favorite end to a yummy meal of oatmeal and lick the spoon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Puppies and Babies

Everyone says that dogs and babies have an unspoken connection. Before Anna came, we only hoped and prayed this would be true. At first, it was slow and only Cooper came around at first. Abbie was just mad she lost my lap. But now, we see that connection, we see the absolute joy on Anna's face when they come near her, we see Abbie protecting her and just wanting to be near her every minute she is awake...and when she is asleep, they lay in wait at her door.

Bath Time! One of our favorite times of the day.

Cooper saying, "Can't I just jump in? PLEASE??"

Oh, how I love thee Anna. Can I lick your face?

Abbie approving the after bath smell. You can't tell me that is not love.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My wonderful friend.

My very good friend Laura sent Anna this beautiful gift from their trip to Hawaii. It meant so much to me for her to help me make this helmet thing just a little easier to take. It now makes me smile every time I look at that sweet head to see a beautiful flower. I not only get to remember why we are doing this and how her head is looking so much better already, but I get to think of my wonderful friend Laura too!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beach Trip

We are back from our wonderful week at the beach! It was a great time...and not surprisingly, Anna took to the water like, well, like a Roberts baby should. She loved everything about the sand, ocean and pool. When we would take her down to the water, she just would stare out at the ocean listening to the sound of the waves, completely mesmerized. I posted a bunch of pictures on facebook that you can here. But here are a couple that didn't make it online...but are some of my favorites! We can't wait to go back...hopefully the gulf will recover fast from the oil headed its way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ever so grateful.

A blog was brought to my attention, and it brought about so much emotion that I wanted to share. The author is a mother and photographer who, upon delivery of her second little girl, was told the newest addition to her family had Down Syndrome. Her story is touching and I am reminded again how lucky we are.

Her birth story is incredible. Please read here if you have a spare moment.