Monday, July 30, 2012

Additions to last post.

I forgot a couple of things that little Graham reminded me he could do and a new one yesterday!

Talking:  He does say "ooooo" and "oww!" and "wow".  Last night I asked him what a puppy said and he says, "Woof!".  Proud Momma right here.

Eating:  Pickiest eater EVER!  Poor kid is cutting his molars and is just miserable.  The bottom left has broken the gums so our teeth count is up to 9 now!  Because of the teething, he just doesn't want to eat...milk only.  I keep reminding myself to take a look at what he eats in the course of a week and not just in one day.

Sizes:  Always fun to go back and see.  He is still in 18 month pj's and outfits and can definitely still wear 12 month shorts/pants!  Size 3 and 4 diapers (4's at night) and a size 5 shoe.

We go see Dr. Buie again for his 15 month check up on August 24.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

14 months old!

This little man is growing so fast!!  He is such an awesome little are some of his highlights!

You can see how much he loves his puppies!

Walking!  Now his only mode of transportation.  He can stand up in the middle of the room, spin around and walk/run fast to sister or the puppies!

Books:  Just like his sister, he LOVES them.  When we sit down in the chair together for our nighttime routine, he GIGGLES.  LIterally giggles at the books.  You pick the right one and all out laughter ensues.  He LOVES to be read to.  He looks deeply at each page, turns the page and just absorbs everything with little smiles and coos as we read along.

Dancing!  This little man loves to dance!  I took a video last night...promise to upload soon.  So stinkin cute.

Words:  Well, not so much in the word department yet.  Dada and Noooo are about it.  But he babbles ALL day.  Make up words are his MO right now and as long as his Ped says its ok, its ok with us!

I love that each kid is completely different.  You can read Anna's 15 months post HERE.  She was talking up a storm but not yet walking!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Change of plans

For those that read my past post about change and exciting things upcoming...things have changed again.  Fickle, that change thing.

I have turned down a job opportunity (pretty great one to be a Marketing and Design Director) to push my own business.  Starting with new branding and a bunch of new business in the pipeline, I think this is the better option for me AND my kids.  Nothing wrong with the corporate world but why not get the best of both?  Time with my babies, vacation with the family, time for myself and my passion AND getting paid to do it.  Yea...i think I will take that option.

Here goes nothing.

(looking at office space today too!  OFFICE SPACE!  For ME!!!)