Thursday, July 12, 2012

Change of plans

For those that read my past post about change and exciting things upcoming...things have changed again.  Fickle, that change thing.

I have turned down a job opportunity (pretty great one to be a Marketing and Design Director) to push my own business.  Starting with new branding and a bunch of new business in the pipeline, I think this is the better option for me AND my kids.  Nothing wrong with the corporate world but why not get the best of both?  Time with my babies, vacation with the family, time for myself and my passion AND getting paid to do it.  Yea...i think I will take that option.

Here goes nothing.

(looking at office space today too!  OFFICE SPACE!  For ME!!!)


  1. This is fantastic news!!! Can I join you in t-minus 22 months? You = amazing. Go for it!!!

  2. but of course...what happens in 22 months???