Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conversation with Anna.

So for those that are close to us, you might have known that age 4 with Anna was a bit trying.  She was sweet, don't get my wrong, but girlie-girl might have been a bit difficult to deal with most of the year.  The transition was really hard on her after the move which came with some lack of structure...girl was not having it.

But the good news is, she has really turned a corner.  The words "I just want to help you clean," "yes ma'am and no ma'am" are regulars, helping brother, cleaning her room....just general sweet girl behavior has blessed our home over the past month.  I just adore spending time with her, talking, reading and just relishing this new Anna.

(trying to upload a video of anna!!)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

A is almost ONE WHOLE HAND!

Dusting off the ol' blog today.

And for a very good reason.  Sweet Anna is going to be ONE WHOLE HAND!!!  5 years old!!

This little bug:

I want to remember every conversation, every moment.  I want her to realize how amazing she is, how smart she is and how loving and kind she can and will be.  She says she is ready for Kindergarten, just like that, ready to be a "grown-up"...and one day later she will declare she will never grow up.  Just like Peter Pan.

I long to shelter her from the world of commercials, short shorts, mean girls, awful news....I want her to remain in her made up land of princesses, castles, brave Brother Knights and pretend.  Her ability to make up a story is remarkable, even once captivating her class for a full 15 min with a story since she didn't remember her show and tell (even her teachers were enthralled).  

I used to be sad that neither of my kids look like me, but as she grows older I know she has a lot of me in her.  She hates to be tickled, when there is too much going on- she just wants to curl up and watch a movie or snuggle in tight, she loves cereal, she LOVES watermelon, she has big feet (new shoes are a size 1!), she gets nervous about new things but still excited to do them, and she loves fiercely and she LOVES warm hugs.

Her Pre-K teacher told me the other day that she hopes we can keep in touch because she just has to know what Anna chooses to do with her life.  What an amazing statement.  She said she is so personable, so loving towards her classmates, always including, always answering and asking questions, she just can't wait to see who she becomes.

We say the exact same thing.  Who will this amazing child become?  Until then, I just want her to be my sweet 5 year old Anna.

We have a lot of adventures ahead of us sweet girl.  You are driving these next adventures, you are leading us into uncharted parent/kid territories.  We KNOW it will be great.  We KNOW it will be hard some days but we are absolutely CERTAIN there will be a lot of love.