Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 months

Why is it that the ONE year mark is such a big deal?  We count down to that day and then can't believe a full year has gone by.

I realized why.  It's almost impossible to realize a little tiny human that has changed you profoundly has only been in your life for one year.  It's unfathomable.

Whew...thank goodness Graham is only 11 months old and I have one more month to enjoy calling him my baby.

So little man is 11 months old.  Here he is in a nutshell...

5 teeth with more on the way; drinks only whole milk (yay! no more bottles and formula!); loves to snuggle; sleeps 12 hours at night plus two naps during the day; LOVES all dogs; still loves to pull hair (not fond of this one); when he recognizes your face, his whole world lightens up; looks more like his daddy every day; super tall and super skinny!!; Still fits in 12 month clothes but most items are 18 month; loves his mother's morning out teacher, Lacey; adores his sister; pretty sure his first word was "A-dee" aka Abbie (yep, you guessed it, our dog); super curious and wants to explore everything; loves storytime at night; sassy (pacifier) addict; basically a ball of smiles!

always crosses his feet.  i adore this.

laughter explosion!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's up to YOU...


(are you high kickin' yet?!?)

We counted and realized this was our 5th trip together to NYC.  Ya think we like it?  Broadway shows, strolling in the Park, great food and just a chance to spend a weekend as New Yorkers. Both of us have always had a yearning to move the big city but neither made the leap or had the opportunity.  I think I learn with each trip, that a trip is almost as great.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge

This was our first vacation just the two of us since before Graham was born and we needed a little "us" time. We had friends that were unable to go with us and others schedules that just couldn't coordinate...and we can't lie, we were bummed.  But once we arrived, I think we were glad it was just us.  (mainly because we wanted to sleep alot...)

We were determined to just relax and not walk the entire island like we tend to do and I think we accomplished this.  We took a casual stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge (a first!), ate long lunches, beers at 3pm and 11:30pm dinners.  When you have to live day to day by a schedule, any variation is wanted.

Brooklyn Bridge

Our favorite little noodle shop.  Perfect on a cold night.

Even though it was pretty chilly the entire weekend, the tulips were in full bloom and absolutely beautiful.

We saw Rock of Ages and it was really, really fantastic.  Highly recommend...especially if you love 80's hair bands.  And we all know John and I do.  A lot. 

Central Park on a warm Sunday afternoon while nursing a hangover?  Yes, please.

Lighting a candle for our babies.

I admit it fully.  I love New York style pizza.  I mean, seriously...I wanted it for almost every meal.  Deeee-licious. (as Anna would say).

It was a wonderful trip but we were definitely ready to see our babies.  We are thankful that John's parents braved the sitting duties for all five days total.  They definitely needed the vacation after that.