Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The new "norm"

I realize I have been not very diligent lately about writing in the blog. I plan to remedy this. Well, at least for today. Life never seems to slow down and I am learning that this is just our new "norm". So if you see me out one day and my hair is a little frizzed out, maybe I mis-buttoned my shirt or I might have a bit of food smudged on my jeans - don't worry, this is my norm.

Enjoying a quick swing in the park

We decided to enter Anna in the "Crawling up Stairs in Lightening Speed" races. And well, she won. Seriously, the second we look away, she has bee-lined it to the stairs and is halfway up with a little giggle and skip in her "step" as she speeds up the rest of the way. Honestly one of the cuter things in life. She isn't close to walking, in fact, doesn't have much interest. And this doesn't really bother me one bit! She will try when she is ready. Our physical therapist said as long as she is pulling up and cruising along things, then she is right where she needs to be. And she does! She is doing great at using her sign language for "more" and "all done".

John and I have decided that we are stopping her helmet therapy. We think 5 1/2 months is enough and we are more than pleased with the results! We are going in next week for our final measurements and farewell appointment. Now, if we can just get the insurance company to come through for us!

We had an amazing weekend in Auburn for the Clemson game. Anna's first trip to the loveliest village on the plains! It didn't hurt that we won the game in an awesome fashion. WAR EAGLE! Anna finally got to meet the Rainey's and we got to hang out with Matthew's in-laws, the Toneys. Kim and John Toney were so amazing and took care of Anna so John and I could go to the game!

She loves it already!

Her favorite thing to do with John...shoulder rides!

Ignore me, I am a mess!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Fall here?

We got to preview Matt's photos from his wedding and the above was taken of John and I at the Rehearsal dinner. Honestly, one of my favorite photos taken of us. Pure happiness.

So I feel like the Fall season is finally here. I find myself picking up jeans and long sleeves shirts even though the weather isn't quite there with me yet. College Football has kicked off, and well, that truly says fall is here. Just waiting on John to call the "nip".

We are starting to plan Anna's 1st Birthday party....I can not believe it is here already. We can't wait to celebrate with friends and family...pretty much going to be an all day affair. Pumpkins, babies, kids, cake smashing...should be a good, no GREAT, time! Look for your invite soon.

Anna started a part time Mother's Day out program this week. Every Tuesday and Thursday she goes off to play with the kids from 9-2. So we are on day 2, and I did much better today. Tuesday, I just cried and cried in the car and just couldn't pull out of the lot. But I willed myself to, and I am better for it. And I truly believe she is too. I promise to take a picture of her face when she sees me when I pick her up...unbelievable joy!

Another one from the wonderful day!

I believe this was during a little "Single Ladies"...I love my family.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belated 10 month update

So I missed being able to post when Anna turned 10 months old...and thank goodness I waited. As soon as we got up to the lake...she started doing all these new things! She is truly an amazing little girl who continues to add more sunshine and joy to our lives every day.

Things she is doing now:

Crawling with the speed of a thousand horses...:)
Pulling up on EVERYTHING
Switching between pieces of furniture
Cruising along furniture
Talking up a storm...she has lots to say.
No more baby food! (unless Mom didn't plan a meal that night...)
Formula out of a sippy cup! (big we are getting ready to be rid of bottles)
Crawling up stairs

We had an amazing trip to Keuka Lake. She got some great one on one time with my parents (Mimi and Poppa) and my Uncle Bill (who she adores). And some great time in with her cousins...who apparently love babies! :) See video below.