Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belated 10 month update

So I missed being able to post when Anna turned 10 months old...and thank goodness I waited. As soon as we got up to the lake...she started doing all these new things! She is truly an amazing little girl who continues to add more sunshine and joy to our lives every day.

Things she is doing now:

Crawling with the speed of a thousand horses...:)
Pulling up on EVERYTHING
Switching between pieces of furniture
Cruising along furniture
Talking up a storm...she has lots to say.
No more baby food! (unless Mom didn't plan a meal that night...)
Formula out of a sippy cup! (big we are getting ready to be rid of bottles)
Crawling up stairs

We had an amazing trip to Keuka Lake. She got some great one on one time with my parents (Mimi and Poppa) and my Uncle Bill (who she adores). And some great time in with her cousins...who apparently love babies! :) See video below.

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