Monday, December 20, 2010

Our quick weekend getaway

Are you lucky enough to have a set of friends where everything is easy, seamless and just plan wonderful? Not only do we have those people in our lives, we now get to share this crazy ride of pregnancy with them too.  Sonia and I are 8 days apart...her due date first.  How awesome is that?

When my parents asked if we wanted to spend a couple days down at Watercolor resort after they left for my birthday weekend...the answer was of course, YES!  When we found out it was a 2 bedroom or next thought was "Do you think Sonia & Tommy can come?  And their answer..YES!

We arrived on Thursday and had a little time to ourselves before they came down on Friday. We always head on over to Rosemary Beach and visit the place where we got married.  How wonderful to be able to share our life stages with this wonderful place with such great memories?  We took some pictures last year with Anna (post here) and now you can see below we are back again with yet another amazing thing in our life to share.  I am 17 weeks with this little bundle of joy in the picture below.

The weather stayed pretty downcast but who cares?  We were at the beach! And what better way to enjoy the beach then in a bright pair of wellies and a raincoat to match.

After our time playing in the water, we needed some warm hot chocolate, a good book and just some great conversation.  First, we went and checked out our favorite little room at Watercolor...the library.

We celebrated mine and Tommy's birthday Saturday night at Red Bar.  Absolutely delicious with amazing food and even better company.

John and I got on the road on Sunday while Sonia & Tommy checked in to their wedding "place" for a couple more days.  The weather was beautiful with blue skies and the salt water floating in the air. I wanted to stay just one more day...but our daughter pulled at our heart strings. Until next time beach...and next time, we will be a party of 4.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

well, hello Belly.

16 weeks and 4 thinks I might have a bigger belly this time around!  I am starting to feel a little movement, just a night, but am looking forward to feeling it more often.  No weight gain so far (woo-hoo!) but that is really due to that stomach bug that took away about 5 lbs in one day.  I still have no feeling one way or another on the gender.  Everyone thinks it will be another girl.  

We will see on Christmas morning!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A perfect day

It was a perfect blustery winter day. Complete with snow, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate and great family time. We got up early and ran out to peruse the aisles at Davis-Kidd and grab quick supplies from Trader Joe's and Kroger...then back home for lunch and naps. As Anna was asleep, the snow started really coming down...we were like little kids on Christmas waiting for her to wake up so we could go play outside. As soon as we heard her little peep, we all bundled up and ran outside. Only, it was REALLY cold and Anna was not quite happy about all the coldness. (who could blame her??)

We snapped a couple pictures and all ran back in side and snuggled in front of the fireplace. Playing, snuggling and all things family continued for the rest of the afternoon. If it wasn't a great day already...I ended it by watching my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas. Thank you Bing, Rosemary, Danny and the girl who can dance (can't EVER remember her name) for lulling us into a wonderful winter sleep.

All bundled up for our morning out!

What is this stuff on my finger?

Much better. Back in my chair, cozy by the fire.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Finally, I caught it on video. Anna's happy noise.


Next on my list to "catch" is this new "gooooo" noise she makes with pucker lips...hysterical.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For the second time this November, I have left my camera at home so there will be no accompanying images to enhance this post. Just use your imagination and I promise to give exquisite details.

We hit the road early Thanksgiving morning for my parents house in Cartersville, GA. It was touch and go for a little bit as we had a round of the stomach flu earlier in the week, but we were assured the family still wanted us around. So we packed dogs, baby and a car full of stuff and off we went! We arrived to the smell of yummy turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie...and our 2-day empty bellies rejoiced! Everyone was there (Matt, Katie, Kristen, Luke and the three kids - Ryan, Emily & Andrew). It was a GREAT day. Catching up, WHOOPING everyone in Poker. That's right...i took everyone's money. Blam! They thought I didn't know what I was doing..ha!

Early Friday morning, we all gather in our cars and hit the road for Monroe, NC (right outside of Charlotte) to see my Poppa and all the cousins, aunts & uncles. If it tells you anything, we had 35 folks for dinner that night. We are a big brood. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. Our check engine light went on and we stopped to see what was wrong. Long story, taxi cabs and car switching later...we got back on the road 2 1/2 hours later. Sigh. We missed the first half of the Iron Bowl..thank goodness for Dad's satellite radio where we could tune into The Auburn Network for the play by play. We finally arrived and family time commenced!

We headed back to Cartersville Saturday morning and unfortunately it looked like we passed along our stomach bug to Matt, Katie and little Ryan. :( We got back, rested, and started to help Mom with her Christmas Tree. Dad prepared a fine pot of gumbo and we just had a good time relaxing while the kids played with each other.

Sunday morning, we got back on the road to Nashville. No place like home. We've got more traveling to do this season...including Watercolor Beach, Huntsville and back to ATL for New Year's...whew! If only there was a train we could catch, or a speed plane, or well, something that would make that drive non-existent.

Here is what Anna is up to lately:
  • Standing on her own!
  • Following "commands" or just knowing what I am asking her to do
  • all about the stuffed toys...LOVES them all and can't carry around enough at a time
  • Playing peek-a-boo with anything..hands, sippy cup, blanket..etc, you name it- game commences.
  • Trying to walk!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi hormones, welcome to the crazy.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks and almost in that wonderful second trimester! I had a check-up today and boy, was I a mess. For some reason, I have just had a bad feeling coupled along with some really, really bad dreams about this little one so needless to say, I was a little on edge. With Anna at our 12 week appointment, she says, "Now, it could take awhile to find the heartbeat". But before she could even get the dopplar all the way on my belly, you could hear the fast thump, thump, thump of her little heart.

This time...not so much. She was searching, and searching...and the tears started rolling, rolling down my face. I just knew. I knew she was going to say she couldn't find it. Then, well, I lost it...and just started crying and she still couldn't find it...then, wait. What was that? A little thump? Then gone. Then...thump, thump, thump for just about 5 seconds before he/she scurried off again. Whew...

But with all pregnancies, the hormones are a little out of wack (understatement if you ask John) and so I just kept sobbing, and sobbing. I could barely speak. My sweet doctor just asked me if I had actually heard the heartbeat...i was like, "Yes (sob, sob)". Not unlike that episode of friends where Rachel says she sees the baby on the ultrasound, but really doesn't see it. But I did actually hear the heartbeat. I forgot to ask the bpm, so all you gender guessers out there, I've got nothing for you. Oh crazy hormones.

On an even happier note, Anna is 13 months today!! Here is a picture from her visit with her Grandmama & Pops while we were in NYC. I promise to video record her tonight in her bath, it was so wonderful last night. I have NEVER heard her talk that much. It truly was like she was reading Water, Water Everywhere to herself! So awesome.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The news is out! Finally..

It has been so hard not to blog about our exciting I haven't blogged much at all. Well, now we are all out and can finally say, WE ARE HAVING A BABY! I will be 13 weeks on Friday and due May 27, 2011. We are so excited, overwhelmed, anxious, name it, we got it.
This ultrasound was from 8 weeks, 6 days. Just a wee little thing.

So, two under two. Wow. It's going to be crazy, but wonderful at the same time. Anna absolutely loves other children and she will be too young to be jealous (so I understand). They will be about 20 months apart. My sister and I are 22 months apart and she is my best friend. So, kind of hoping it is a girl just because of that...but I know both John and I would love a little boy in our family! Our big ultrasound won't be until the first week of January BUT we are going to go to one of those 3rd party places for a quick 2D gender check, have them put it in an envelope and we will open it Christmas morning! Merry Christmas to us!

The holiday's are quickly approaching and it makes it even more special to share this with family. We are headed to Atlanta and then Monroe, NC for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, we will start here that morning and probably go down to Huntsville. Then hoping to convince John to make the trip back to Atlanta for New Year's and a delayed Christmas with my family! Whew!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lights, camera...

So I just received my "Your toddler (ummm...toddler??) is 12 months and 4 weeks old" email today from the BabyCenter. It is funny to me that now for 4 weeks we have been saying, "Can you believe we have a one year old??". I don't think that statement is going anywhere anytime soon. I forget that I catch some great moments on my iphone and finally have thought to pull a couple photos and videos to share. The picture above is on our little trip to Costco while John and my Dad went to the AU v Ole Miss game. How cute is she? My mother in law made her that little Auburn wrap. And I am in love with those little corduroy pants...they are nice and stretchy in the legs but only one catch...I can't button them. Little girl has a big ol belly!

Below is a video of her on her new rocking chair from my parents. It was mine as a kid and Mom spruced it up and now belongs to Miss Anna. I think she has it down!

And the last is with Anna and my Dad before he headed back to Atlanta after the Auburn game. She loves her Poppa!

This weekend John and I are headed to NYC for a little vacation. Anna will be staying with John's parents down in Huntsville and I know they are excited. We are just going to enjoy each other company, catch a couple shows and just be New Yorkers for a couple days. That said, we might just be restaurant hopping if it is too cold, snuggled up with hot chocolate or a hot toddy. Be jealous, be oh so jealous. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

You are one year old.

Anna, you are now one year old. You can't even imagine all the new and exciting things that have happened during your first year of life and it takes my breath away to think of everything you have to experience. You have rocked our world. We have tried to think of what our lives were like before October 18, 2009 and have yet to come up with anything as wonderful as your light in our world.

I remember before you were born how anxious I was to meet you. I just knew it was going to be amazing...boy, I had no idea. It is so much more. Thinking back on this year, I remember little squeaks, our late night dates, the amazing feeling of nursing, your little smile, the first time you belly laughed in the bathtub, watching you learn to lift your head, then to sit, then to crawl and now pulling up and almost walking, watching your face when you see your Dad and the list could go on for pages. I remember doubting myself, wondering if we were doing the right thing, learning you had Torticollis & Plagiocephaly and how I blamed myself, and times when I just didn't know what to do. But look at you, look at how beautiful and healthy you are...we know we did ok.

Anna, I want your next year to be filled with discovery, learning and more love than you can even believe. We just had your first birthday party and you were surrounded by family and friends that all came to celebrate YOU! I got teary eyed when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday to You!" because all those voices and all that love were all there for my sweet little girl. It was an overwhelming feeling of love.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The new "norm"

I realize I have been not very diligent lately about writing in the blog. I plan to remedy this. Well, at least for today. Life never seems to slow down and I am learning that this is just our new "norm". So if you see me out one day and my hair is a little frizzed out, maybe I mis-buttoned my shirt or I might have a bit of food smudged on my jeans - don't worry, this is my norm.

Enjoying a quick swing in the park

We decided to enter Anna in the "Crawling up Stairs in Lightening Speed" races. And well, she won. Seriously, the second we look away, she has bee-lined it to the stairs and is halfway up with a little giggle and skip in her "step" as she speeds up the rest of the way. Honestly one of the cuter things in life. She isn't close to walking, in fact, doesn't have much interest. And this doesn't really bother me one bit! She will try when she is ready. Our physical therapist said as long as she is pulling up and cruising along things, then she is right where she needs to be. And she does! She is doing great at using her sign language for "more" and "all done".

John and I have decided that we are stopping her helmet therapy. We think 5 1/2 months is enough and we are more than pleased with the results! We are going in next week for our final measurements and farewell appointment. Now, if we can just get the insurance company to come through for us!

We had an amazing weekend in Auburn for the Clemson game. Anna's first trip to the loveliest village on the plains! It didn't hurt that we won the game in an awesome fashion. WAR EAGLE! Anna finally got to meet the Rainey's and we got to hang out with Matthew's in-laws, the Toneys. Kim and John Toney were so amazing and took care of Anna so John and I could go to the game!

She loves it already!

Her favorite thing to do with John...shoulder rides!

Ignore me, I am a mess!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Fall here?

We got to preview Matt's photos from his wedding and the above was taken of John and I at the Rehearsal dinner. Honestly, one of my favorite photos taken of us. Pure happiness.

So I feel like the Fall season is finally here. I find myself picking up jeans and long sleeves shirts even though the weather isn't quite there with me yet. College Football has kicked off, and well, that truly says fall is here. Just waiting on John to call the "nip".

We are starting to plan Anna's 1st Birthday party....I can not believe it is here already. We can't wait to celebrate with friends and family...pretty much going to be an all day affair. Pumpkins, babies, kids, cake smashing...should be a good, no GREAT, time! Look for your invite soon.

Anna started a part time Mother's Day out program this week. Every Tuesday and Thursday she goes off to play with the kids from 9-2. So we are on day 2, and I did much better today. Tuesday, I just cried and cried in the car and just couldn't pull out of the lot. But I willed myself to, and I am better for it. And I truly believe she is too. I promise to take a picture of her face when she sees me when I pick her up...unbelievable joy!

Another one from the wonderful day!

I believe this was during a little "Single Ladies"...I love my family.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Belated 10 month update

So I missed being able to post when Anna turned 10 months old...and thank goodness I waited. As soon as we got up to the lake...she started doing all these new things! She is truly an amazing little girl who continues to add more sunshine and joy to our lives every day.

Things she is doing now:

Crawling with the speed of a thousand horses...:)
Pulling up on EVERYTHING
Switching between pieces of furniture
Cruising along furniture
Talking up a storm...she has lots to say.
No more baby food! (unless Mom didn't plan a meal that night...)
Formula out of a sippy cup! (big we are getting ready to be rid of bottles)
Crawling up stairs

We had an amazing trip to Keuka Lake. She got some great one on one time with my parents (Mimi and Poppa) and my Uncle Bill (who she adores). And some great time in with her cousins...who apparently love babies! :) See video below.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

My heart breaks.

Yesterday my mom called me to tell me the news that our long time family friends daughter lost her husband yesterday in the line of duty. He was a recent West Point grad and deployed to Afghanistan two weeks ago. We were very lucky to be at their wedding just a mere 18 months ago at Rosemary Beach. My heart is absolutely breaking for her and their families. I honestly can not imagine losing John. He is my rock.

I wish I could reach through the distance between us and give her a hug to let her know I am praying for her constantly. I have to admit I am not a big prayer person, but certainly send up my thanks often for what I have here with John & Anna, but I am in constant "talks" since yesterday to help her heart heal and find peace.

We are still waiting to hear about funeral arrangements and hope to be able to attend and give support.
Here is a picture from their beautiful wedding:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sink bath fun.

Now, I know I am biased....but seriously, isn't this the cutest picture EVER?!?!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So much to little time.

You know that feeling when you have so much on your plate that you can't just even start to do any of it? So, apply that to this blog. So much to post, so little time. It has been a world-wind, crazy, madness past couple of weeks with traveling, work and little bit. I was in D.C for the AXO Convention from July 9-12, which was good, but was so ready to be home. We had some wonderful evenings with friends last weekend and this weekend is the CRAZY (insert car salesman voice) consignment sale on Saturday (60,000 sq feet of shopping fun!). My sweet friend, Sonia, has somehow agreed to go with me (she doesn't know I need an extra pair of hands)...although hopefully she will find some good deals herself.
On top of all that, I am teaching twice a week and have freelance design stuff on top of that. Whew!! Breathe, breathe...

We are gearing up for the upcoming August where I will be gone EVERY weekend. Either in Atlanta for showers/bachelorette parties or at the Lake for Matt's wedding. That's right, little Matty is getting MARRIED. Crazy. :)

I told you this post would be all over the if you are still here, bless you.
Update on Anna. the littlest bit will be able to go to nights only in the helmet starting August 13!!!!!!!!!!! (can I add more exclamations!?!?!?). We are SO ready to be DONE. Even better is that she is starting to sleep on her belly... this is huge. She has become an excellent clapper and will clap at almost anything now. She is saying ba-ba, wa-wa, go-go, bwa, mmmm...notice anything missing? Yes, that would be ma-ma and da-da. she holding out on purpose?

She is so close to crawling too! She will pull her knees up under her and just rock back and forth. She also figured out how to sit up from laying down...which she does inadvertently while napping...which she doesn't appreciate. Hopefully she will learn to get back down gracefully instead of face planting.

Ok, last but not least I wanted to post a pic of John and his mini-me taken last night.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A wonderful 4th of July

We snagged up our wonderful friends, Joe & Jessie Werner, and drove on down to Athens, AL to John's Aunt and Uncle's lake house. I can say we have never had a bad time there. The weather was perfect, the food fantastic and the company even better. We made it a "helmet off" holiday for Anna! She very much enjoyed it...although she decidedly did NOT like her lifejacket. She has to get used to it, I know, but man it was hard! Here are some wonderful pictures from the day!

(will post more...getting pulled away from the computer!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere!

Anna was invited to a little baby soiree at Sophie's house last Friday. The girls also got to play with Sophie's cousin, Brady, and friend Clayton. Anna is the oldest, then Clayton, Sophie then Brady. You wouldn't know that Brady was the youngest...because he was definitely the most active. He is a squirmy, flipping, pulling up, active little 6 month old! We spent a little time in the pool, had a yummy lunch and just got to play with "new" toys. Anna discovered her love for walkers...looks like we need to invest in one of those. We can't wait to go back and play again! Thank you Sophie and Emily!

Anna says, "Um, excuse me, can I have that?"

Sweet! He doesn't even know I took it.

Sweet Sophie B.

What a happy baby!

The boys are very serious about their toys.

Which way to look?

Anna says, "Did you see what he did?"

Sweet Clayton with all those teeth!

Our raucous group of little bits.

Sophie says, "Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed my toys."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I love what I do.

I love what I do because I get to have moments with Anna just rolling on the bed, laughing, playing and cutting coupons for our next trip to the grocery store. You just don't get these with an 8-5 job.

And yes, this is our new bed! (and new bedding...i just couldn't help myself!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

To Anna..

(taken by our dear friend Tommy)

To my dearest daughter,

You are 8 months old! I can't believe how fast you are growing and I knew I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to tell you everything about your life right now.

You are loved beyond measure. You have two sets of grandparents that can't wait to see you and squeeze you. You have a Dad that works so hard to provide a wonderful future for you while still soaking up all the Anna time he could possibly need (and probably wants more). And well, your mom, that's me, can't get enough of you. We get to spend our days filled with laughter, play time, exploring, sleeping, eating and learning more about each other.

You aren't quite crawling yet, but you want to be on the move! You will sit with your legs in a wide "V" and reach as far as you can without having to get on your tummy. You will turn your body to the side and have two arms on the ground with one leg in the crawling position and just just aren't sure where to go next! You are eating finger foods and really seem to be enjoying it immensely. We try new foods all the time and you always get a bite of whatever I am eating.

You still have about 2 more months left in your helmet and you are such a trooper. I can't imagine what it is like to wear it although you don't even seem to realize it is there. I wish I could wear it instead of you.

Lately you have become such a momma's girl. Always wanting to be held or more attention given to you...and I will say I don't mind. I love when you reach out to me!

Your love affair with the pups is ongoing and lately Abbie has truly become your companion. I can only imagine she will be your sleeping buddy once you move to a toddler bed...and I can't tell you how happy I am.

You are a wonderful baby, a great sleeper/napper and an absolute light of joy in our lives. We can't even remember life before you..

All our love,


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Measurements update.

We had our follow-up appointment at Hanger Orthotics on Tuesday to measure Anna's progress in the helmet. We can see the progress but really wanted to compare her numbers...and we were ALL extremely pleased. In fact, our orthotist said Anna wins the award for the best numbers so far! Our little head growing proud. :)

Her cephalic index (meaning the ratio of front-back and left-right, a good indicator of brachycephaly, normal is around 78-80%) started at around a 92% (first measure was around 95%) and NOW it is at 84%! WOW!

Left Anterior to Right Posterior
(meaning her front left forehead to the back right of her head, indication of positional plagiocephaly, normal is 0mm asymmetry when comparing this to the other side - front right to back left), started around a 7mm difference and a measurement of 140mm and NOW it is at 152mm, which means she grew about 12 mm!! (since her entire head has grown the difference correction would be greater than the original 7mm). HUGE difference!
Her head looks almost completely normal. The last part to "fill out" will be the top portion and we are still on for a removal date at her 10 month appointment, or August. We have another appointment in 3 weeks (July 6) then I am hoping for one more, then DONE. Couldn't have come at a better time since Anna and I will leave for the lake in mid-August.

We have physical therapy today and looking forward to sharing this news with Amy, our PT!

I just realized this post needs a picture! This was taken during breakfast the other day...our favorite end to a yummy meal of oatmeal and lick the spoon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Puppies and Babies

Everyone says that dogs and babies have an unspoken connection. Before Anna came, we only hoped and prayed this would be true. At first, it was slow and only Cooper came around at first. Abbie was just mad she lost my lap. But now, we see that connection, we see the absolute joy on Anna's face when they come near her, we see Abbie protecting her and just wanting to be near her every minute she is awake...and when she is asleep, they lay in wait at her door.

Bath Time! One of our favorite times of the day.

Cooper saying, "Can't I just jump in? PLEASE??"

Oh, how I love thee Anna. Can I lick your face?

Abbie approving the after bath smell. You can't tell me that is not love.