Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For the second time this November, I have left my camera at home so there will be no accompanying images to enhance this post. Just use your imagination and I promise to give exquisite details.

We hit the road early Thanksgiving morning for my parents house in Cartersville, GA. It was touch and go for a little bit as we had a round of the stomach flu earlier in the week, but we were assured the family still wanted us around. So we packed dogs, baby and a car full of stuff and off we went! We arrived to the smell of yummy turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie...and our 2-day empty bellies rejoiced! Everyone was there (Matt, Katie, Kristen, Luke and the three kids - Ryan, Emily & Andrew). It was a GREAT day. Catching up, WHOOPING everyone in Poker. That's right...i took everyone's money. Blam! They thought I didn't know what I was doing..ha!

Early Friday morning, we all gather in our cars and hit the road for Monroe, NC (right outside of Charlotte) to see my Poppa and all the cousins, aunts & uncles. If it tells you anything, we had 35 folks for dinner that night. We are a big brood. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned. Our check engine light went on and we stopped to see what was wrong. Long story, taxi cabs and car switching later...we got back on the road 2 1/2 hours later. Sigh. We missed the first half of the Iron Bowl..thank goodness for Dad's satellite radio where we could tune into The Auburn Network for the play by play. We finally arrived and family time commenced!

We headed back to Cartersville Saturday morning and unfortunately it looked like we passed along our stomach bug to Matt, Katie and little Ryan. :( We got back, rested, and started to help Mom with her Christmas Tree. Dad prepared a fine pot of gumbo and we just had a good time relaxing while the kids played with each other.

Sunday morning, we got back on the road to Nashville. No place like home. We've got more traveling to do this season...including Watercolor Beach, Huntsville and back to ATL for New Year's...whew! If only there was a train we could catch, or a speed plane, or well, something that would make that drive non-existent.

Here is what Anna is up to lately:
  • Standing on her own!
  • Following "commands" or just knowing what I am asking her to do
  • all about the stuffed toys...LOVES them all and can't carry around enough at a time
  • Playing peek-a-boo with anything..hands, sippy cup, blanket..etc, you name it- game commences.
  • Trying to walk!

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