Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi hormones, welcome to the crazy.

Tomorrow I will be 13 weeks and almost in that wonderful second trimester! I had a check-up today and boy, was I a mess. For some reason, I have just had a bad feeling coupled along with some really, really bad dreams about this little one so needless to say, I was a little on edge. With Anna at our 12 week appointment, she says, "Now, it could take awhile to find the heartbeat". But before she could even get the dopplar all the way on my belly, you could hear the fast thump, thump, thump of her little heart.

This time...not so much. She was searching, and searching...and the tears started rolling, rolling down my face. I just knew. I knew she was going to say she couldn't find it. Then, well, I lost it...and just started crying and she still couldn't find it...then, wait. What was that? A little thump? Then gone. Then...thump, thump, thump for just about 5 seconds before he/she scurried off again. Whew...

But with all pregnancies, the hormones are a little out of wack (understatement if you ask John) and so I just kept sobbing, and sobbing. I could barely speak. My sweet doctor just asked me if I had actually heard the heartbeat...i was like, "Yes (sob, sob)". Not unlike that episode of friends where Rachel says she sees the baby on the ultrasound, but really doesn't see it. But I did actually hear the heartbeat. I forgot to ask the bpm, so all you gender guessers out there, I've got nothing for you. Oh crazy hormones.

On an even happier note, Anna is 13 months today!! Here is a picture from her visit with her Grandmama & Pops while we were in NYC. I promise to video record her tonight in her bath, it was so wonderful last night. I have NEVER heard her talk that much. It truly was like she was reading Water, Water Everywhere to herself! So awesome.

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