Monday, February 21, 2011

The life of Anna at 16 months

Can she really be 16 months already?  Over the last month, it seems like she is truly a "toddler" now and not that little baby she used to be.  Her main mode of transportation is now walking!  Rarely does this little one drop to her knees anymore to get around. And she repeats EVERYTHING  (enter self sensors now).  She knows where her nose, ears, eyes, mouth, tummy and toes are and will point them out on herself and you all day long.  The best is when she pushes your head to the side to get to those ears.  Instead of just sign-language, she now says, "More".  And that is a word she says alot. 

She can pretty much use a spoon like a champ and still working on mastering the teeny-tiny fork. The girl still loves to eat and becoming a little more picky, but still, meal time is a breeze.

Our new favorite time is story time on her "new" bed!  She isn't sleeping in her new room yet but we have moved our nighttime routine into there to help the transition.  She loves rolling around on the bed with her dad, reading books and hugging the puppies.  All 6 of us (2 dogs included and baby in belly) can all snuggle in and enjoy our last minutes together in the evening.  It is truly a wonderful time.

She is still in an "all about Mom" phase and we are trying to help her learn that Dad is a great comfort too. We know when little boy gets here, I won't be able to always hold and love on her like I can now.  It is a hard thing to learn for both Anna and myself!

Her favorite snacks are bananas, apples and graham crackers and milk is still her beverage of choice. (like mother like daughter!). Reading books is still a BIG part of our day as well as building blocks, coloring and climbing anything and everything!

Oh and I can't not mention the hair.  Look at those sweet wisps of cotton!  Almost enough for a clip or ponytail...if she would ever let me.

I know I am really looking forward to soaking all the Anna time in that I can until May when we become a family of four.  But I can only imagine the love that will come too.  Amazing.

John and Anna have a daddy/daughter date to the Children's Theater this Saturday to see Goodnight Moon...i promise to make him take pictures!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrating little Sketo

Ok, so I know I haven't done my Hawaii post...or Anna's 16 month update.  Promise those are coming soon.  Besides, does anyone read this anyway??  :)

John's cousin Blake and his wife, Leah, came in town this weekend so we could celebrate their little bundle of joy arriving in April. I pretty much call Leah my sister-in-law because we are close as are John and Blake. She is almost 32 weeks along and looking FABULOUS.  Seriously, gained less weight than me and I am only 26 weeks.  We had a shower for her here and they asked me to take a couple maternity photos of them.  Now, I don't fancy myself a photographer but I want to be better and definitely like to dabble.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

We can't wait to meet little Barrett Owen!

I think this is my favorite.

It says "I'm Classy, but I'm here to party"

And this is why we absolutely LOVE these two.