Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's Captain Jack Sparrow to you.

So Graham continues his love for all things Pirates and insisted his 3rd birthday be a "Capt Jack Spaawoow" birthday.  Buddy Dude is THREE!!  3!!!  Unbelievable.  It's weird because some days it feels like he is so much older, it's like his year of two lasted more than just 365 days.

What else is Graham into?  Books! (typically the same one read in between a couple others...this week, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!").  He continues his love of Seaside and screams in delight when he finds out that is where we are headed.  SEASIDE!!!  He says, "I LOVE SEASIDE!!".  What an awful life, right?  He loves to make pirate swords out of anything and everything he finds (sticks, pens, erector sets, hairbrushes...etc).  He loves being at the beach and loves riding on the new bike attachment that goes on the back of my bike (like a half bike).  He LOVES the dogs probably a little too much and also enjoys torturing his sister every now and then too.  He is always looking for Anna if she isn't around and definitely chooses her as first priority playmate over anyone else.  He hates getting his finger nails trimmed, hair cut and wearing shoes.

And now that he is three, he insists on calling us "Mom" and "Dad" like he is some fancy pants teenager.  I tried to bring him back around to "Mommy" but he just won't do it.  Little buddy.

This next year is going to be awesome and you are just going to keep growing and getting more piratey!

STATS:  34lbs, 40in!  Wearing 4T tops and 2T bottoms, size 10/10.5 shoes!