Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Mom is learning.

Being a mom is a pretty amazing job.  You create (with your significant other) another life that basically rocks yours to the core.  You hope that you love and teach effectively and significantly enough to mold and shape their lives to a greater happiness.

Yes, sometimes we feed them McDonald's or too many movies in one week...but looking at the overall picture, we just might be getting it right.

This afternoon, Anna was calling my name from her book laden bed.  As I came into the room, she says, "Mom, you forgot to snuggle me".  Well, let me oblige little girl.  I snuggled under the covers as she then rubbed my head and says, "Happy Mother's Day, I love you so much.  You are my favorite big girl."  Yep.  I'm done.  Basically the holy grail of love right there.  (No, it isn't Mother's Day...but how awesome to want to associate a day all about Mom on any day of the year?!)

I am learning that although each kid needs hugs, kisses, love, discipline, time, attention....Boys and girls DO learn and need different things.  As Graham is getting older, I am learning how he loves and learns and it is definitely different than his sister.  Everyone says that each kid is different, and I absolutely agree, but then throw in a gender difference and you have another ballgame.  I can relate to Anna on a little girl, sparkly, girly level.  But that love of dirt, cars, and anything that moves?  It's new and it's awesome.  I read this article a friend posted on Pinterest and it was probably one of the better ones about Moms and Boys.  I suggest it.

So I'm off to paint fingernails on sister and then clean dirt and sand out of little man's.  It's a good life.  And although I may be doing all the reading and educating myself, make no kids are the ones giving the lessons.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mr. Independent (15 month post)

It's amazing what happens in just one month.  No longer categorized in the slow and silent type, this guy is a fast on his feet, jabbering little man.  25lbs 3oz (55%) and 34 in (>97%) with 10 teeth and a size 6 shoe will do that to you I guess!

Mr. Hipster.

So you got the basics.  Here is a little more about young Graham.

Still has an enormous love of books, which we feed multiple times a day.  He can almost keep up with sister on our walks around the neighborhood and can definitely tackle just as good.  He jabbers a lot but more words are forming every day.  You can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he tries desperately to repeat different words.  We can understand Dog, Flower, Woof, Quack...although others might not.  He is still our snuggle guy and still gives the best hugs.  He still sports 12-18 month clothes as he is so lean (and can even wear 9 month pants..if they were long enough!).  He has a long torso so 24 month shirts are great for length.  And you already read about his size 6 shoe.  Breeding another tall one.  What did you expect?  

Watching a show at Grandmama's.  How cute is that?!?
You can see Anna's dangling feet in the background getting her first big girl haircut!
Graham will start a new school with Anna in just a week or two.  A real big kid schedule with one nap, packed lunches, nap mats and learning.  It seems too soon!  Can you believe we had already purchased Anna's big girl bed at this point?  We moved her over at 17.5 months old to prepare for this little man. It's nice not having a "grow-up" deadline this time.  I am sure not ready for him to do so.

Loving the water jets at the Cumberland Park downtown.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First day of ballet

Most of you know that I was a dancer when I was young.  Studio until I was a Junior in high school taking ballet, pointe, and jazz.  Dance team from 6th-12th grade....doing choreography in high school, college and post college for a theater in Cobb County.  I love to dance.  LOVE it.  We have dance parties a lot at our house.

Anna is pretty young to understand dance concepts but what I love about starting early is it becomes all about the fun of dance.  At her age, they run and leap and jump and laugh.  I taught preschool age - 2nd grade at a studio in Auburn and it was the sweetest age.  Teen-tiny ballet shoes and little leotards.  It's almost too much.

don't you love the eye brow.

In her class, watching all the other dancers come in.

Anna would go talk to the other little girls in the class but always come running back to my lap with the biggest smile on her face giggling the entire way.  So sweet.

Little ballet tooshie.  I think she is going to just love this class.  Tap, ballet and tumbling all in one.