Friday, October 25, 2013

NOLA weekend!

A couple weeks ago, John and I snuck down to New Orleans for a little getaway.  Those that know us, know that we love to travel and any excuse is a good excuse.  We hopped in the car, CD's & Sirius ready, bags packed and we were on our way (yes, we did drop the kids off in Huntsville first!).

After arriving, grabbing a quick beer and gumbo... and a beinet (of course), we walked around a bit.  Both of us having a feeling that maybe we chose the wrong city for our getaway.  We just weren't feeling it.  It wasn't our first visit to NOLA but we weren't into the drinking or cheap tourist traps.  So, what to do?  Well, we realized we had some great things planned and we just needed to escape the French Quarter.

So escape we did!  First cable car to dinner at Commander's Palace (so delish!) then a 10k jogging tour around town (highly recommend!).


And then a swamp tour!

Yep, that's me!  Holding a baby crocodile!

It was a great getaway, a great time for John and I to spend some good one-on-one time, sleeping in and just being care free.  We did miss the kids, pretty bad.  Our last trip was to St. Louis (and brought the kids) and realized what a GREAT time we had.  Next trip?  Bringing those little rug rats with us.

We are headed to Savannah in two weeks for our first Half-Marathon...the kids won't be traveling with us to that one...but next trip for sure!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anna, you are 4!

We have a daughter who is FOUR.  FOUR years old.  This is crazy to me.  Not that these past four years have flown by because I actually feel we have been present for every day, every moment, but that we are parents.  Parents of a 4 year old!!  Talking about pre-k, kindergarten, ballet lessons, soccer..etc!

Enough about how we feel.  Let's talk about how Anna feels about being 4.  Let's just say she is mildly excited.  Ok, maybe ecstatic is a better word.

Age 3 has been an interesting year for you sweet girl.  You are pushing boundaries, testing waters, questioning authority but still loving with that sweet heart.  You are so independent; insisting on dressing yourself everyday, doing your own hair, helping cook in the kitchen, strapping yourself in your car seat, getting brother dressed (although he resists strongly), caring for the dogs...the list goes on.  But amid that independence is still a shy part of you that resists those first seconds of school, let's me know when you are going to be shy with strangers, and always wants to hold my hand (of which I readily oblige).

I can't imagine what this year will bring for you and for us as a family, but its looking to be pretty amazing. We've heard being 4 is a pretty awesome year for kiddos.  We, for one, are looking forward to spending every moment of it with you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Who are you running from?!

I've gotten that question a few times since John and I have started our training for our first Half Marathon.  And to answer it?  Dude, no clue.  I still can't believe we run for distance and not time (like we started with with the Couch to 5k program).  We ran our first "real" (read no walking) 5k on Jan 1 and decided in March to sign up for this half after Anna and I cheered on Matt and his girlfriend Ruth at the Nashville Half/Full.  Basically we've run in years past but just for the past year have we actually made time and put in the effort.

We will run this half marathon in Savannah the day after John's birthday and honestly?  I am mentally ready, although maybe not physically.  We are ready for it to be here and for us to finally know all this training, pain, sweat and tears were worth it.

Who would EVER think that I (ME) would run 13.1 miles?  I surely didn't.  Now I say things like...

"Oh, I can't wait until our 10 mile run this weekend!"


"Hey!  Let's do a sprint triathalon next spring!"

What zombie has invaded my body?

Anywho...stayed tuned for the final 5 weeks of training and pray that my slowly declining knees hold out for just a little bit more.