Friday, October 25, 2013

NOLA weekend!

A couple weeks ago, John and I snuck down to New Orleans for a little getaway.  Those that know us, know that we love to travel and any excuse is a good excuse.  We hopped in the car, CD's & Sirius ready, bags packed and we were on our way (yes, we did drop the kids off in Huntsville first!).

After arriving, grabbing a quick beer and gumbo... and a beinet (of course), we walked around a bit.  Both of us having a feeling that maybe we chose the wrong city for our getaway.  We just weren't feeling it.  It wasn't our first visit to NOLA but we weren't into the drinking or cheap tourist traps.  So, what to do?  Well, we realized we had some great things planned and we just needed to escape the French Quarter.

So escape we did!  First cable car to dinner at Commander's Palace (so delish!) then a 10k jogging tour around town (highly recommend!).


And then a swamp tour!

Yep, that's me!  Holding a baby crocodile!

It was a great getaway, a great time for John and I to spend some good one-on-one time, sleeping in and just being care free.  We did miss the kids, pretty bad.  Our last trip was to St. Louis (and brought the kids) and realized what a GREAT time we had.  Next trip?  Bringing those little rug rats with us.

We are headed to Savannah in two weeks for our first Half-Marathon...the kids won't be traveling with us to that one...but next trip for sure!

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