Monday, November 28, 2011

Half a year..

Can you believe this little guy is 6 months old?!  Half a year. 182.5 days. Amazing.

He weighed in this morning at 19lbs 12 oz (80%) and 28.5 inches long (greater than 97%), head at 17 in (i think...about 50%).  He is pretty much coming in at awesome all around.

On this glorious 6 month birthday, he cut his first tooth! Bottom left.  With each day brings that little toofy farther through his little sore gums.  Overall, he has been a trooper.  In fact, since it has popped through..his nights have been a little better.  His typical night time is a 7:30pm bed time, he will cry out around 2am (but a quick rock and pacifier, he is back to sleep in minutes) and then a bottle around 4:30am when he wakes up STARVING.  Well, according to him, he is starving.  Then back to sleep until I hear his sweet little morning coos and giggles around 7 or 7:30.

He is eating food like a champ now (after a very auspicious start).  Two meals a far, apples, pears, homemade sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and fresh bananas through his little mesh feeder.  Tonight...peas.  Yikes.

He is so sweet and snuggly.  He gives hugs and "shark bites" like no body's business.  He laughs, giggles, and is basically the sweetest little guy I know.  Everyone that he meets says one thing.."That is the happiest baby I have ever seen." I'd like to think maybe we had a little bit to do with it...:)

This little man also thinks he is going to just start crawling a little earlier than his sister did.  In fact, she didn't even attempt it until around 9 months.  As you can see...he is ready to get this movin' thing going!


So proud of himself!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Beach.

There is not many things better than the white, soft sand between your toes and the ocean in your ear. The beach, for me, is grounding. I get back to me.  Back to John and just feel great about life.

It seems that our love of the beach has officially been passed along to our children.  And my heart leaps for joy! Anna loved playing in the sand, pointing out crabs, birds and the "lawler" (a.k.a water). I imagine it will be even better next year when her brother can join in the fun.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous during our entire trip. Mid 70's, reaching up into the 80's on some days with a cool breeze at night.

Joining us on our trip were our good friends and John's law partner, The Werners!  Sweet little baby Gabriel is just 9 1/2 weeks old and just so sweet.

This was a first time visit to 30A for them, and I hope they fell in love.  As we hope to travel back with them next year.

John getting back to his roots...
 We ventured in and out of the little shops in Seaside, stopping only to enjoy an ice cold beverage. The colors were vibrant and the laughter even louder.

Peeking through photo stand at Seaside.

Taken by Barbara Mead
 John and I met up with some friends (actually my former boss from both Old Navy in Huntsville and Restoration Hardware in Birmingham) for a little lunch to catch up and enjoy the new Cowgirl Kitchen right down the way from Seaside.

Anna cuddled right up to Barbara as if she had known her for years.
 The house we rented was perfect.  Three stories and plenty of room.  Although our bed was less than comfortable and Graham was up multiple times a night, it was still the beach and it still felt like home.

The boys with a little play time.
 There was a private pool at the house...and heated to boot.  It finally started working on Wednesday so we spent many hours floating the kids around.

June 2010
 One of our favorite traditions is heading down to Rosemary Beach. This is where we were married and seem to mark time in our life through photos.  The picture above was taken in June 2010.  Just a small family of three.  That little girl is now a busy two year old and a new little guy has taken her place as the baby.

The Werner's!
Our main push to hit the beach was all due to John and Joe. These two guys are partners of all partners and truly creating a business that we are all ridiculously proud of. With their first Qui Tam settled, we popped the bubbly. There looks to be a lot more of this coming in the future. You just keep your eye out for Roberts &'s going to be big.

 Our last evening on the beach.  A great time to snap pictures of the kids and capture the glowing light from the setting sun. This is our place.

 Goodnight Beach.  Until next year.