Monday, May 12, 2014

Florida so far....

It was a rough start, I was missing friends, the kids were missing friends and our house, John was going back and forth to Nashville.....  People think just because you are at the beach, you should be immediately happy.  And well, you are, but there are some things you miss being in a new place.  Especially friends.

That rough start turned into something pretty great. We are lucky, we have been taken in by a community that loves new folks.  We meet new awesome people everyday, and everyone seems genuinely happy and wanting to be our friends!  This doesn't really happen in other places we've lived, or at least not as quickly.  And these people are pretty awesome.  The kids and I have been on playdates, beach dates, late night dinners with drinks on patios, lunches, church services and weekend fishing adventures.  John has been to happy hours, lunches and soon to be fishing expeditions.  Imagine when the kids start school and meet all those folks?!

So we are adjusting and it is getting better with every minute.  Here are a couple of Florida things I am learning...

1. There is sand everywhere.  And i'm not talking on the beach.  I'm talking bathtubs, floors, laundry room...

2. The cost of milk.  Goo.  Still can't get used to that one!

3. I might just love fishing from the beach.

4. We are so much more active here.  The tv is hardly on, instead we are outside, riding bikes, on walks, playing on the beach, mapping out state park adventures.

5. Going to the beach just doesn't get old.  And when we talk to friends who have been here for years, it still hasn't gotten old.  That. Is. Awesome.

This could be our greatest adventure yet.