Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow day & Nursery inspiration!

There is something about the picture above that I am just in love with. Maybe it is the simple nature of the way she sits in this chair like she has done it for years, so that sweet little thigh that I just want to bite and squeeze.  Either one, or something I can't put into words, I just love it. 

Because of all the crazy weather and snow days (and with our upcoming LONG flights to Hawaii), I thought it would be good to practice our coloring skills.  We saddled right up to our little table and chairs (which btw was Anna's Gran's and John's!) and started coloring!  Well, basically.  She loves to tap the crayons on the paper...and then thought the wall looked pretty good to color too.  Yikes.

As you can see below, she REALLY wanted Abbie to come color with her...or eat the crayons, I am not sure which.

I am 23 weeks pregnant today and I have that spurt of energy to start on his nursery!  Most of you will not be surprised to see that our inspiration will be nautical/beach. I found the print below and had these sea green stars already!  We will be moving Anna into the guest room (she gets a room make-over too) and this little boy will take over the nursery.  No painting needed for either room...whew!  I am not a paint the walls blue or pink kind of gal.

As far as this pregnancy goes, I am a bit more tired than I was with Anna.  Could it be chasing after a 15 month old or the two businesses I run?  hmmm.  I think about half of that will come grinding to a halt in about 17 more weeks. 17 more weeks...repeat that please.  Yikes.

My appetite has started to pick up and I won't even talk about the almost finished package of Oreos that have only been in the house for 4 days.  Thanks Mom for passing that love on to me. :)  I think I have only gained about 8 or 9 lbs so far, which I am hoping to just hit under my total weight when pregnant with Anna (36lbs!!).  I think I might hit that goal!

He kicks like crazy and we talk to him every night.  John even gets to feel those kicks...which I said before, is one of my favorite things.  Name you ask?  Coming soon.  We think we have a final contender.

Here is the bedding I think we are going to get.  I won't be using the diaper thing or the quilt.  Just the bumper and bedskirt.  What do you think?

Keep us in your thoughts as we travel next Wednesday to Hawaii!  Nashville to L.A, L.A. to Hawaii...may the lord allow Anna to sleep and be happy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our trip to the Frist

So I have been dying to see the latest exhibit at the Frist Center, Birth of Impressionism.  Even though I saw them in Paris in March 2009...I just had to see them again. Normally, my trip to an exhibit like this could take hours as I pour over each painting, examining brush strokes, technique, lighting and leaning in as far as the guards would let me.  Letting each painter's love pour directly into my heart.  This time, not so much.

Anna and I started our trip in the cafe, enjoying a very girlie lunch then off to the exhibit.  I thought because it was pretty crowded, that if she was loud, it wouldn't be too bad.  Yea right.  For this exhibit, they offered an audio guide so basically everyone was SILENT.  That is, except for Anna.  She wasn't bad, crying or even screaming.  It was her constant, "HI!"  "HI!" to everyone that she passed that had us SPEEDING through the exhibit.  Most everyone was very nice and whispered a small "hi" back to her.  Funny enough, she only said Hi!  to the men and almost all of them smiled and waved back. 

She is a charmer. 

So off to Art Quest we went.  And that is where she had some fun.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 months old!

I am so amazed by my daughter every day. She is learning so much and I realize she can actually understand what I am saying!  She is truly an amazing light in our lives...some days, we just can't stop kissing and holding her.  And those nights when she just isn't feeling well, we snuggle up together as a family and read books until we drift off to sleep.  There just isn't much better. 

I love the saying "Love doesn't divide, it multiplies".  If this is the case when this little boy arrives...i believe my heart might just explode. 

Exciting things in Anna's life right now:

Stairs: her love of stairs continues...but now she can go DOWN!  Yea!
Books: Same with the stairs...her obsession continues (and we love this!).  Her favorites lately are Pajama Time, I love you Stinky Face, Madeline, Click Clack Moooo  (and she says Moooo when she sees a cow!)
Talk, talk, talk: The girl loves to talk.  Lately her new words are: Thank you! (sounds like tank to), Mooo, Bye, Hi, Bubby (for Cooper), Aggie (for Abbie), Poppa, Boppa (we aren't sure what this means but she points to our chests...), Up!  Up!  Up!  Up!  (definitely her favorite).
WALK!: She loves to take steps on her own and to hear me scream about it!  Her main mode of transportation is still crawling, but she is getting there.
The dogs: Man, she loves our dogs more than anything.  She constantly thinks that Abbie is in a state of play with her at all times.  Whether it is "come chase me" or "peek-a-boo" she just screams in delight when Abbie comes around.  She uses Cooper to help her stand up in the middle of a room or just to sit on him...he is such a trooper and doesn't complain once. (they know their source of snacks comes from this basically, they WORSHIP her). 

(these photos are from her October photoshoot with Brooke Kelly...I just don't think I ever posted them!)

This list could go on and on.  Just know our daughter is a genius. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

All about the babies

Although this information has been put out there..I haven't written on here about it!

We are having a BOY!  And boy, was there no mistaking it!


We are pretty excited about this new little baby coming in to our life and everyone has said...little boys just rock your world.  So here we go, hearts first and ready for this new fun!

Even MORE fun baby news...  Well, this may mean we can't call her "baby" anymore (although I still will).  Anna walked!  Yes, she WALKED!  No prompting, no toys, nada.  Mom and I were sitting in the family room and she was standing up and down, up and down on her little chair and then just started walking...about 4 or 5 steps.  We just screamed with excitement!  Now, she will let go of things and stand on her own and even take more steps.  The video below was her second or third try...she has gotten really good since !

(poor John has missed this since he is in Glendale for the Auburn game!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Christmas Story, Part 2

Part 2 is our trip to have a belated Christmas with my family and to celebrate New Years!  It was a wonderful long weekend filled with love and lots of KIDS!  I have subjected the internet to only one bath photo.  We had all 4 kids in at one time!  (next year I am determined to actually be in FRONT of the camera)

This is now her absolute favorite toy EVER.  She walks around the house for hours!

The many faces of my nephew, Ryan.

Recap of our Christmas Story, Part 1

Most of this post will just be photos as they tell a great story.  

Is this a phone?  Oh, no?  Ah a present!

John testing out his new techy-hoodie.  A big hit!

Mom...I don't think so...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas card goodness

One of my favorite things about decorating at Christmas is re-purposing our iron wall decoration into a wonderful collection of friends and family!  I pass by it every day and smile.  Pulling these down never makes me sad because I look forward to seeing the changes in everyone next year as I hope it will be filled up again. 

This year, instead of throwing all the picture cards away, I have made a little book for Anna.  Now she can enjoy the smiling faces each day!