Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas card goodness

One of my favorite things about decorating at Christmas is re-purposing our iron wall decoration into a wonderful collection of friends and family!  I pass by it every day and smile.  Pulling these down never makes me sad because I look forward to seeing the changes in everyone next year as I hope it will be filled up again. 

This year, instead of throwing all the picture cards away, I have made a little book for Anna.  Now she can enjoy the smiling faces each day!


  1. I love it Beth! What a great idea. I've been in the market for a wall card holder for my Christmas cards and haven't been able to find anything I'm crazy about...this opens up some doors for me! Also, I was all excited to spot the card we sent! What a dork :-)


  2. Wonderful! Glad I could be of some creative assistance. :) I wish I could "tag" everyone in this picture! Hope you guys had a great holiday and hope to see you soon.