Wednesday, January 19, 2011

15 months old!

I am so amazed by my daughter every day. She is learning so much and I realize she can actually understand what I am saying!  She is truly an amazing light in our lives...some days, we just can't stop kissing and holding her.  And those nights when she just isn't feeling well, we snuggle up together as a family and read books until we drift off to sleep.  There just isn't much better. 

I love the saying "Love doesn't divide, it multiplies".  If this is the case when this little boy arrives...i believe my heart might just explode. 

Exciting things in Anna's life right now:

Stairs: her love of stairs continues...but now she can go DOWN!  Yea!
Books: Same with the stairs...her obsession continues (and we love this!).  Her favorites lately are Pajama Time, I love you Stinky Face, Madeline, Click Clack Moooo  (and she says Moooo when she sees a cow!)
Talk, talk, talk: The girl loves to talk.  Lately her new words are: Thank you! (sounds like tank to), Mooo, Bye, Hi, Bubby (for Cooper), Aggie (for Abbie), Poppa, Boppa (we aren't sure what this means but she points to our chests...), Up!  Up!  Up!  Up!  (definitely her favorite).
WALK!: She loves to take steps on her own and to hear me scream about it!  Her main mode of transportation is still crawling, but she is getting there.
The dogs: Man, she loves our dogs more than anything.  She constantly thinks that Abbie is in a state of play with her at all times.  Whether it is "come chase me" or "peek-a-boo" she just screams in delight when Abbie comes around.  She uses Cooper to help her stand up in the middle of a room or just to sit on him...he is such a trooper and doesn't complain once. (they know their source of snacks comes from this basically, they WORSHIP her). 

(these photos are from her October photoshoot with Brooke Kelly...I just don't think I ever posted them!)

This list could go on and on.  Just know our daughter is a genius. 

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