Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow day & Nursery inspiration!

There is something about the picture above that I am just in love with. Maybe it is the simple nature of the way she sits in this chair like she has done it for years, so that sweet little thigh that I just want to bite and squeeze.  Either one, or something I can't put into words, I just love it. 

Because of all the crazy weather and snow days (and with our upcoming LONG flights to Hawaii), I thought it would be good to practice our coloring skills.  We saddled right up to our little table and chairs (which btw was Anna's Gran's and John's!) and started coloring!  Well, basically.  She loves to tap the crayons on the paper...and then thought the wall looked pretty good to color too.  Yikes.

As you can see below, she REALLY wanted Abbie to come color with her...or eat the crayons, I am not sure which.

I am 23 weeks pregnant today and I have that spurt of energy to start on his nursery!  Most of you will not be surprised to see that our inspiration will be nautical/beach. I found the print below and had these sea green stars already!  We will be moving Anna into the guest room (she gets a room make-over too) and this little boy will take over the nursery.  No painting needed for either room...whew!  I am not a paint the walls blue or pink kind of gal.

As far as this pregnancy goes, I am a bit more tired than I was with Anna.  Could it be chasing after a 15 month old or the two businesses I run?  hmmm.  I think about half of that will come grinding to a halt in about 17 more weeks. 17 more weeks...repeat that please.  Yikes.

My appetite has started to pick up and I won't even talk about the almost finished package of Oreos that have only been in the house for 4 days.  Thanks Mom for passing that love on to me. :)  I think I have only gained about 8 or 9 lbs so far, which I am hoping to just hit under my total weight when pregnant with Anna (36lbs!!).  I think I might hit that goal!

He kicks like crazy and we talk to him every night.  John even gets to feel those kicks...which I said before, is one of my favorite things.  Name you ask?  Coming soon.  We think we have a final contender.

Here is the bedding I think we are going to get.  I won't be using the diaper thing or the quilt.  Just the bumper and bedskirt.  What do you think?

Keep us in your thoughts as we travel next Wednesday to Hawaii!  Nashville to L.A, L.A. to Hawaii...may the lord allow Anna to sleep and be happy!

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