Monday, January 10, 2011

All about the babies

Although this information has been put out there..I haven't written on here about it!

We are having a BOY!  And boy, was there no mistaking it!


We are pretty excited about this new little baby coming in to our life and everyone has said...little boys just rock your world.  So here we go, hearts first and ready for this new fun!

Even MORE fun baby news...  Well, this may mean we can't call her "baby" anymore (although I still will).  Anna walked!  Yes, she WALKED!  No prompting, no toys, nada.  Mom and I were sitting in the family room and she was standing up and down, up and down on her little chair and then just started walking...about 4 or 5 steps.  We just screamed with excitement!  Now, she will let go of things and stand on her own and even take more steps.  The video below was her second or third try...she has gotten really good since !

(poor John has missed this since he is in Glendale for the Auburn game!)

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