Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our trip to the Frist

So I have been dying to see the latest exhibit at the Frist Center, Birth of Impressionism.  Even though I saw them in Paris in March 2009...I just had to see them again. Normally, my trip to an exhibit like this could take hours as I pour over each painting, examining brush strokes, technique, lighting and leaning in as far as the guards would let me.  Letting each painter's love pour directly into my heart.  This time, not so much.

Anna and I started our trip in the cafe, enjoying a very girlie lunch then off to the exhibit.  I thought because it was pretty crowded, that if she was loud, it wouldn't be too bad.  Yea right.  For this exhibit, they offered an audio guide so basically everyone was SILENT.  That is, except for Anna.  She wasn't bad, crying or even screaming.  It was her constant, "HI!"  "HI!" to everyone that she passed that had us SPEEDING through the exhibit.  Most everyone was very nice and whispered a small "hi" back to her.  Funny enough, she only said Hi!  to the men and almost all of them smiled and waved back. 

She is a charmer. 

So off to Art Quest we went.  And that is where she had some fun.

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  1. Beth, she is absolutely adorable! She looks so much older in these recent pictures. I still have never met her!! Excited to see you Wednesday :).