Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A letter to Graham.

Sweet little boy, you are one year old today! I remember that day in its entirety.  Being anxious for delivery, nervous how we would be as a family of four but mostly emotional about seeing your face for the first time.  I knew you so intimately as you grew inside me.  Your kicks, your hiccups, your turns...but I was desperate to know your face, the spaces between your toes and your tiny earlobes.  I wanted to touch and love every part of you.

Our wish came true quickly as my labor pains started at 8:30am, although inconsistent and mild they came in full force at 10:45am and you arrived just a few short hours later at 5:36pm.  And you arrived in style...a full 9lbs 3oz!

Since that day you grew from a grumpy little guy to literally the happiest baby anyone has seen. Can I tell you how proud I am when I get asked (and I get asked this almost every day), "Is he always this happy?" or "You really have the happiest children I have ever seen".  I'd like to think we played a small part in all this happiness but I'm pretty sure God sent you both to us for a make us happier people.  And by God, we are.

So many things await you during this upcoming year.  You will become a walking, talking, independent little boy with so much to explore.  Every day you amaze us and every day we fall deeper in love with you.

Never stop exploring, questioning, loving, smiling and laughing.  I said in a post to Anna on her 2nd birthday that when she was born "I became a new person.  I became your mom.  And I became me."   Anna made me a mother first but you filled my heart beyond capacity.

we love you Graham!

Mom & Dad.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Even before I was a mom, I loved Mother's Day.  When we were growing up, I remember thinking about what we would get mom (either collectively or individually).  Giving her flowers, cards and treating her to "mom" things.  Now, I am a mom myself....of two beautiful beings.  So this "holiday" becomes a little different...I have more "moms" in my life and I want to celebrate all of them.

First, though...I must give all credit to my sweet Mom.  I always knew she was great...but now having two kids, I am amazed how she raised all three of us with grace, love and what seemed like greatest of ease.  And I am pretty sure we were the equivalent of a circus.  I know she had a good sidekick in my Dad, for sure, but she was able to be our mom for all those years and then have a seamless transition into being my best friend.  When it happened, I am not sure, but I am forever grateful for the mother she was, is and will continue to be.

So how was my mother's day?  Pretty great.  I got to sleep in, enjoy my family and even have a little "me" time for exercise.  I got a beautiful pendant necklace with each child's name hand stamped into metal, a book I have been coveting from Kelle Hampton and a beautiful hand written card.  And a chorus of "Happy Mother's Day!" from sweet Anna.

I have to thank my husband for helping me become a mom (I certainly couldn't do it without him...well, I guess I could...Ah, I digress, you get my point).  And for my two babies that make me the mom I am.  I only hope I can do them justice.

Sweet Anna.  10/18/09

"Little" Graham. 5/23/11

Edited to add:  OFFICIAL 12 month stats!  23lb 1oz (50%) and 31 1/4 inches long (95%)!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A grown up.

Apparently Anna is no longer a toddler but a full on child.  I can't tell you the surprise in my face over the things she talks to me about.  It is like having a conversation with an adult. Seriously.

Her favorite thing to do at night after stories is "talk".  John started this with her and I love it.  We talk about school, her friends, family, the puppies, name it, we talk about it.  I promise to bring in a secret video recorder soon because someone else must witness this 2 1/2 year old awesomeness.

We are hoping her verbal skills buy her a spot in the 3 year old class come fall.  Pretty sure she is a shoo-in.  Also, she has everyone at her school wrapped around her little fingers...that can't hurt, right?