Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Even before I was a mom, I loved Mother's Day.  When we were growing up, I remember thinking about what we would get mom (either collectively or individually).  Giving her flowers, cards and treating her to "mom" things.  Now, I am a mom myself....of two beautiful beings.  So this "holiday" becomes a little different...I have more "moms" in my life and I want to celebrate all of them.

First, though...I must give all credit to my sweet Mom.  I always knew she was great...but now having two kids, I am amazed how she raised all three of us with grace, love and what seemed like greatest of ease.  And I am pretty sure we were the equivalent of a circus.  I know she had a good sidekick in my Dad, for sure, but she was able to be our mom for all those years and then have a seamless transition into being my best friend.  When it happened, I am not sure, but I am forever grateful for the mother she was, is and will continue to be.

So how was my mother's day?  Pretty great.  I got to sleep in, enjoy my family and even have a little "me" time for exercise.  I got a beautiful pendant necklace with each child's name hand stamped into metal, a book I have been coveting from Kelle Hampton and a beautiful hand written card.  And a chorus of "Happy Mother's Day!" from sweet Anna.

I have to thank my husband for helping me become a mom (I certainly couldn't do it without him...well, I guess I could...Ah, I digress, you get my point).  And for my two babies that make me the mom I am.  I only hope I can do them justice.

Sweet Anna.  10/18/09

"Little" Graham. 5/23/11

Edited to add:  OFFICIAL 12 month stats!  23lb 1oz (50%) and 31 1/4 inches long (95%)!

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