Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our sweet boy has arrived!

I keep trying to make the time to sit and relive that wonderful this post will probably be a product of snippets of time over the course of the next couple days.

Monday morning (5/23/11) I started getting very mild contractions around 8:00am and called to let John know around 8:30am.  He had a couple court times both here in Nashville and in Murfressboro so he was on high alert!  Next call was to both sets of parents keeping them on alert as well as the contractions were coming about every 7-9 minutes but not unbearable. 

Around 10am...I thought they were going to disappear so I called a "stand down" on labor.  I was getting so excited and then nuthin'. 

Oh..did I get my wish!  Around 10:45am I called John and told him to call his folks and tell them to get on the road (they are about 2 hours away) because the contractions were getting stronger and closer.  By the time John got home around 12:30...I was in full blown contraction/labor PAIN.  It was like a scene out of a movie where the pregnant lady is bent over the side of couch/chair/stair-railing/counter..etc and moaning and breathing.  I don't think I have ever felt pain like that in my life.

John actually came home in the middle of one and was open mouthed and wide eyed as I don't think he has ever seen me in that kind of pain either.  He laughs later because as soon as the contraction was done, I would stand up and continue packing the bag or playing with Anna.  It was a little bi-polar-ish.

We realized that we wouldn't be able to wait for John's parents to get here as it was getting closer to 1pm and the contractions were coming every 2 minutes.  Our dear friend, Tommy, hopped in his car and zoomed up to us to keep an eye on a sleeping Anna until John's parents could arrive.

Sitting in the car and having those contractions was almost unbearable...but as I continued to breathe, I started thinking about this new life about to rule and change our world.  It was a bright spot and allowed me just to push through and deal with the pain.

Arriving at labor and delivery at 1:30pm...after gripping the walls of the entrance until I got a wheelchair...I get wheeled up to the counter in triage and the lady (completely serious) says to me, "Are you pregnant?".  As the tears were rolling down my face, I burst into hysterical laughter!   What a question?!?  Then I realized she couldn't see the belly! 

After all the important questions:  Are you pregnant?  YES.  Will you be getting an epidural?  YES!!!  She checked me and I was already at 4/5 cm!  I was very surprised! 

Finally getting upstairs around 2:15pm and breathing through even stronger contractions, my favorite people came in...the anesthesiologist!  Soon, I was pain free and much more relaxed! 

At 3:45pm I was at 6/7cm and at 9cm (almost 10) at 4:15pm!  I didn't need pitocin this time, my body knew what to do!  We did a quick practice push around 5:00pm, they got the room ready and at 5:39pm sweet Graham William came into the world with just a little squeak.  They let me hold him but he wasn't making all the racket they hoped so they wisked him away to the warming table.  John stayed with him the entire time and I just couldn't keep my eyes off him.  He was perfect and absolutely a chuck.  :)

He weighed in at 9lbs 3oz and 21 1/4 inches long.  He latched on immediately and nursed for a long time while the doctor finished. 

I remember when he came out, the tears just started coming.  I couldn't believe I was so blessed to be able to bring another life into this world.  We made him.  A true miracle and unbelievable bundle of love.

Both sets of parents arrived and quickly came and showered him with all the love in the world.  Anna came in soon after and was a little hesitant as all eyes (and cameras) were on her.  As soon as she saw me, she ran over and insisted she sit next to me.  I remember she kept leaning her head towards mine so I would kiss her forehead or just lean in to her too.  This was probably not noticed by anyone else in the room but me, and I loved her for that.  She kept smiling at me and looking at this little baby in my arms.  It was a true heart-exploding moment.

Dr. Bellardo (my normal OB wasn't able to be there but he was WONDERFUL!)
More to come...

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