Wednesday, May 18, 2011

False alarm

So last night at about 11:45pm I actually had "time-able" braxton hicks contractions.  Normally these aren't time-able and don't really indicate labor.  But these suckers were coming every 5 minutes!  I got up, walked around, bounced around on a yoga ball until about 1:30am, then decided if they were real, they would wake me up.

And boy did they ever.  I got John up around 2:15am having strong contractions every 4-5 minutes.  Thank goodness Mom and Dad were in after a call to the on-call OB, we zipped on down to Centennial arriving around 3am. 

I get all hooked up and monitored.  Contractions coming every 2 min!  woo-hoo!  This could be it!  I am 1 1/2cm dilated (which was pretty disappointing) but still progress.  So they made me lay there for an hour.  After about 40 min...basically the contractions went away (insert sad trombone noise)

She went to inform the on-call OB that they were sending me home and guess what?  Contractions come back...every 2 minutes.  Still get sent home because I didn't make any dilation progress.  Sigh.

Get home around 5:30am.  Exhausted.  Disappointed.  And definitely not looking forward to the day.

Here's hoping all that means something is getting going!

Appointment tomorrow at 11am CST.

Stay tuned.

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