Monday, December 20, 2010

Our quick weekend getaway

Are you lucky enough to have a set of friends where everything is easy, seamless and just plan wonderful? Not only do we have those people in our lives, we now get to share this crazy ride of pregnancy with them too.  Sonia and I are 8 days apart...her due date first.  How awesome is that?

When my parents asked if we wanted to spend a couple days down at Watercolor resort after they left for my birthday weekend...the answer was of course, YES!  When we found out it was a 2 bedroom or next thought was "Do you think Sonia & Tommy can come?  And their answer..YES!

We arrived on Thursday and had a little time to ourselves before they came down on Friday. We always head on over to Rosemary Beach and visit the place where we got married.  How wonderful to be able to share our life stages with this wonderful place with such great memories?  We took some pictures last year with Anna (post here) and now you can see below we are back again with yet another amazing thing in our life to share.  I am 17 weeks with this little bundle of joy in the picture below.

The weather stayed pretty downcast but who cares?  We were at the beach! And what better way to enjoy the beach then in a bright pair of wellies and a raincoat to match.

After our time playing in the water, we needed some warm hot chocolate, a good book and just some great conversation.  First, we went and checked out our favorite little room at Watercolor...the library.

We celebrated mine and Tommy's birthday Saturday night at Red Bar.  Absolutely delicious with amazing food and even better company.

John and I got on the road on Sunday while Sonia & Tommy checked in to their wedding "place" for a couple more days.  The weather was beautiful with blue skies and the salt water floating in the air. I wanted to stay just one more day...but our daughter pulled at our heart strings. Until next time beach...and next time, we will be a party of 4.

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  1. LOVE the photo of you on the green with your hair pulled back. You look gorgeous!
    Love you bunches b!