Monday, December 13, 2010

A perfect day

It was a perfect blustery winter day. Complete with snow, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate and great family time. We got up early and ran out to peruse the aisles at Davis-Kidd and grab quick supplies from Trader Joe's and Kroger...then back home for lunch and naps. As Anna was asleep, the snow started really coming down...we were like little kids on Christmas waiting for her to wake up so we could go play outside. As soon as we heard her little peep, we all bundled up and ran outside. Only, it was REALLY cold and Anna was not quite happy about all the coldness. (who could blame her??)

We snapped a couple pictures and all ran back in side and snuggled in front of the fireplace. Playing, snuggling and all things family continued for the rest of the afternoon. If it wasn't a great day already...I ended it by watching my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas. Thank you Bing, Rosemary, Danny and the girl who can dance (can't EVER remember her name) for lulling us into a wonderful winter sleep.

All bundled up for our morning out!

What is this stuff on my finger?

Much better. Back in my chair, cozy by the fire.

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