Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anna, you are 4!

We have a daughter who is FOUR.  FOUR years old.  This is crazy to me.  Not that these past four years have flown by because I actually feel we have been present for every day, every moment, but that we are parents.  Parents of a 4 year old!!  Talking about pre-k, kindergarten, ballet lessons, soccer..etc!

Enough about how we feel.  Let's talk about how Anna feels about being 4.  Let's just say she is mildly excited.  Ok, maybe ecstatic is a better word.

Age 3 has been an interesting year for you sweet girl.  You are pushing boundaries, testing waters, questioning authority but still loving with that sweet heart.  You are so independent; insisting on dressing yourself everyday, doing your own hair, helping cook in the kitchen, strapping yourself in your car seat, getting brother dressed (although he resists strongly), caring for the dogs...the list goes on.  But amid that independence is still a shy part of you that resists those first seconds of school, let's me know when you are going to be shy with strangers, and always wants to hold my hand (of which I readily oblige).

I can't imagine what this year will bring for you and for us as a family, but its looking to be pretty amazing. We've heard being 4 is a pretty awesome year for kiddos.  We, for one, are looking forward to spending every moment of it with you.

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  1. How did 4 come so quickly?! I loved reading this! Happy Birthday Anna June! xoxo