Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First day of ballet

Most of you know that I was a dancer when I was young.  Studio until I was a Junior in high school taking ballet, pointe, and jazz.  Dance team from 6th-12th grade....doing choreography in high school, college and post college for a theater in Cobb County.  I love to dance.  LOVE it.  We have dance parties a lot at our house.

Anna is pretty young to understand dance concepts but what I love about starting early is it becomes all about the fun of dance.  At her age, they run and leap and jump and laugh.  I taught preschool age - 2nd grade at a studio in Auburn and it was the sweetest age.  Teen-tiny ballet shoes and little leotards.  It's almost too much.

don't you love the eye brow.

In her class, watching all the other dancers come in.

Anna would go talk to the other little girls in the class but always come running back to my lap with the biggest smile on her face giggling the entire way.  So sweet.

Little ballet tooshie.  I think she is going to just love this class.  Tap, ballet and tumbling all in one.


  1. How can you stand the cuteness of it all? THis is one of those things I wonder about moms like you? I mean, really, I'm afraid my heart would explode...

  2. i literally want to explode most days. it really is too much to take!