Monday, July 30, 2012

Additions to last post.

I forgot a couple of things that little Graham reminded me he could do and a new one yesterday!

Talking:  He does say "ooooo" and "oww!" and "wow".  Last night I asked him what a puppy said and he says, "Woof!".  Proud Momma right here.

Eating:  Pickiest eater EVER!  Poor kid is cutting his molars and is just miserable.  The bottom left has broken the gums so our teeth count is up to 9 now!  Because of the teething, he just doesn't want to eat...milk only.  I keep reminding myself to take a look at what he eats in the course of a week and not just in one day.

Sizes:  Always fun to go back and see.  He is still in 18 month pj's and outfits and can definitely still wear 12 month shorts/pants!  Size 3 and 4 diapers (4's at night) and a size 5 shoe.

We go see Dr. Buie again for his 15 month check up on August 24.

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