Thursday, July 26, 2012

14 months old!

This little man is growing so fast!!  He is such an awesome little are some of his highlights!

You can see how much he loves his puppies!

Walking!  Now his only mode of transportation.  He can stand up in the middle of the room, spin around and walk/run fast to sister or the puppies!

Books:  Just like his sister, he LOVES them.  When we sit down in the chair together for our nighttime routine, he GIGGLES.  LIterally giggles at the books.  You pick the right one and all out laughter ensues.  He LOVES to be read to.  He looks deeply at each page, turns the page and just absorbs everything with little smiles and coos as we read along.

Dancing!  This little man loves to dance!  I took a video last night...promise to upload soon.  So stinkin cute.

Words:  Well, not so much in the word department yet.  Dada and Noooo are about it.  But he babbles ALL day.  Make up words are his MO right now and as long as his Ped says its ok, its ok with us!

I love that each kid is completely different.  You can read Anna's 15 months post HERE.  She was talking up a storm but not yet walking!

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