Thursday, July 22, 2010

So much to little time.

You know that feeling when you have so much on your plate that you can't just even start to do any of it? So, apply that to this blog. So much to post, so little time. It has been a world-wind, crazy, madness past couple of weeks with traveling, work and little bit. I was in D.C for the AXO Convention from July 9-12, which was good, but was so ready to be home. We had some wonderful evenings with friends last weekend and this weekend is the CRAZY (insert car salesman voice) consignment sale on Saturday (60,000 sq feet of shopping fun!). My sweet friend, Sonia, has somehow agreed to go with me (she doesn't know I need an extra pair of hands)...although hopefully she will find some good deals herself.
On top of all that, I am teaching twice a week and have freelance design stuff on top of that. Whew!! Breathe, breathe...

We are gearing up for the upcoming August where I will be gone EVERY weekend. Either in Atlanta for showers/bachelorette parties or at the Lake for Matt's wedding. That's right, little Matty is getting MARRIED. Crazy. :)

I told you this post would be all over the if you are still here, bless you.
Update on Anna. the littlest bit will be able to go to nights only in the helmet starting August 13!!!!!!!!!!! (can I add more exclamations!?!?!?). We are SO ready to be DONE. Even better is that she is starting to sleep on her belly... this is huge. She has become an excellent clapper and will clap at almost anything now. She is saying ba-ba, wa-wa, go-go, bwa, mmmm...notice anything missing? Yes, that would be ma-ma and da-da. she holding out on purpose?

She is so close to crawling too! She will pull her knees up under her and just rock back and forth. She also figured out how to sit up from laying down...which she does inadvertently while napping...which she doesn't appreciate. Hopefully she will learn to get back down gracefully instead of face planting.

Ok, last but not least I wanted to post a pic of John and his mini-me taken last night.

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