Monday, June 14, 2010

Puppies and Babies

Everyone says that dogs and babies have an unspoken connection. Before Anna came, we only hoped and prayed this would be true. At first, it was slow and only Cooper came around at first. Abbie was just mad she lost my lap. But now, we see that connection, we see the absolute joy on Anna's face when they come near her, we see Abbie protecting her and just wanting to be near her every minute she is awake...and when she is asleep, they lay in wait at her door.

Bath Time! One of our favorite times of the day.

Cooper saying, "Can't I just jump in? PLEASE??"

Oh, how I love thee Anna. Can I lick your face?

Abbie approving the after bath smell. You can't tell me that is not love.


  1. Oh good lord that is the sweetest most lovely pic!! I am tearing up!