Monday, October 25, 2010

You are one year old.

Anna, you are now one year old. You can't even imagine all the new and exciting things that have happened during your first year of life and it takes my breath away to think of everything you have to experience. You have rocked our world. We have tried to think of what our lives were like before October 18, 2009 and have yet to come up with anything as wonderful as your light in our world.

I remember before you were born how anxious I was to meet you. I just knew it was going to be amazing...boy, I had no idea. It is so much more. Thinking back on this year, I remember little squeaks, our late night dates, the amazing feeling of nursing, your little smile, the first time you belly laughed in the bathtub, watching you learn to lift your head, then to sit, then to crawl and now pulling up and almost walking, watching your face when you see your Dad and the list could go on for pages. I remember doubting myself, wondering if we were doing the right thing, learning you had Torticollis & Plagiocephaly and how I blamed myself, and times when I just didn't know what to do. But look at you, look at how beautiful and healthy you are...we know we did ok.

Anna, I want your next year to be filled with discovery, learning and more love than you can even believe. We just had your first birthday party and you were surrounded by family and friends that all came to celebrate YOU! I got teary eyed when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday to You!" because all those voices and all that love were all there for my sweet little girl. It was an overwhelming feeling of love.

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