Thursday, April 26, 2012

11 months

Why is it that the ONE year mark is such a big deal?  We count down to that day and then can't believe a full year has gone by.

I realized why.  It's almost impossible to realize a little tiny human that has changed you profoundly has only been in your life for one year.  It's unfathomable.

Whew...thank goodness Graham is only 11 months old and I have one more month to enjoy calling him my baby.

So little man is 11 months old.  Here he is in a nutshell...

5 teeth with more on the way; drinks only whole milk (yay! no more bottles and formula!); loves to snuggle; sleeps 12 hours at night plus two naps during the day; LOVES all dogs; still loves to pull hair (not fond of this one); when he recognizes your face, his whole world lightens up; looks more like his daddy every day; super tall and super skinny!!; Still fits in 12 month clothes but most items are 18 month; loves his mother's morning out teacher, Lacey; adores his sister; pretty sure his first word was "A-dee" aka Abbie (yep, you guessed it, our dog); super curious and wants to explore everything; loves storytime at night; sassy (pacifier) addict; basically a ball of smiles!

always crosses his feet.  i adore this.

laughter explosion!

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