Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My love/hate relationship with change.

I am sure if you ask most people, they don't like change.  We like the comfortable, the cozy, the safe.  I like my routine.  Knowing what each day may or may not bring with the kids, with my business, with life.

So what happens when you get thrown an interesting curve ball?  This curve shatters your daily routine.  Brings in a whole new host of "new" things.  What do you do?

You evaluate.

Will this curve ball be good for my family in the long run?  Yes. Will it be good for me?  I think so. Will it get us where we want to be?  Definitely.

So here goes with taking a leap of faith.  Funny how that comes on the heels of reading "A Praying Life".  All about child-like prayer, getting to the root of your worries, concerns, joys and apprehensions.  Praying like a child.  Calling for help when you need it.  Knowing you don't have the answers.

I prayed for an answer.  I think I got it.

Stay tuned.

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