Monday, June 4, 2012

Beach babies.

We just got back from a quick and wonderful trip to the beach, Gulf Coast/30A, of course. We were tag alongs to John's Dad's CLE conference in Sandestin.  We had a good time.  Learning that the beach is still hard with two little ones (especially when it is so crowded), kids nap times are totally adult nap times too, 30A may be getting bigger but it still has its charm, and we found it best to put our next trip on the calendar before we take that drive home (best to keep the heart happy).

I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

Wistfully gazing out to the water.

Making castles!
 Neither kid were a huge fan of the water this year (unlike years before) so we hung back a little and played in the sand.  They ended up being big fans of the pool!

First time in a two piece bathing suit in about 3 years!  I'm a bit proud but still have work to do.

Out for our morning walk.

Watching the golfers.

On our last night, John and I took the kids down to the beach for one more visit.  What a change from earlier in the day.  No rows of chairs and umbrellas, loud music and scorching sun.  It was like a little gathering of people and their children, a select group of people sharing their love of the beach at the end of the day.  As the sun set, I felt like everyone there belonged to a little club.  It was secret but everyone was invited.  The sound of the water led the chorus of little squeals and laughing parents.

It was a great end to out trip.


  1. Girl, you look AWESOME!!! We are heading to the beach this Friday and I cannot wait!! I will NOT be wearing a bikini, HA!! :) See you Wed at BS.

  2. You look amazing! and it looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

  3. You guys are awesome. thank you!! (admitting I might or might not be holding back my love handles...)