Thursday, August 8, 2013

Holy grown-up Batman!

So graham has decided to just go on and grow-up on us.  WHY?!  Why can't he just slow down?!

Buddy dude is poopin' in the potty, speaking in full sentences, interacting with Anna with full on big guy conversations, more opinionated about food/clothes/diapers/shoes/books...

Hanging with the kids in Anna's class (June 2013).  How big is he?!

Not only is he emotionally getting bigger, he is physically bigger too!  I am buying size 9 shoes for the fall and size 3t/4t tops/2t bottoms (little skinny butt).  Oh and he thinks he is a "SUPAHERRRROOOO"

My blonde babies at Keuka Lake
God, i love this kid!!

Anna update soon!

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