Sunday, February 10, 2013

A little bit about G.

While we were at the beach our little guy turned 20 months old!  I remember this point with Anna, thinking wow...2 is quickly approaching (and by the time I post this he will be almost 21 months old which means he is closer....ahh, I digress)

People weren't kidding when they say boys and girls are different.  My kids might be polar opposites.  What is going on with Graham-man lately?  Well, let me tell you.  He is a monkey.  Literally, diagnosed the other day as a full on monkey-boy.  (this means he climbs a lot just in case you didn't pick up on that).  Seriously, climbing everything, leaping, jumping, crawling...VERY active.  So much that he really doesn't have time for that eating thing you are supposed to he is our skinny guy.  Still sporting 18 month pants (although too short) but 24m/2T tops because he is so tall with long arms, weighed in at home around 27lbs which means he has lost a little since his 18m appt.  Size 7 shoes are getting a bit snug and still in size 4 diapers (these stats are completely for my benefit years down the road).

All that to say he is awesome.  And ridiculously cute.  You've seen this picture, yes?

He is getting better with his vocabulary.  Newer words: Train, Airpane!, still loves all his animal sounds (and getting really good!), cracker, apple, nana (banana), water, boat (sail and plain), keys. Still aren't putting words together but he will in time and we are just enjoying his sweet voice.  And although he may not speak in sentences the boy can SING!  His favs?  Twinkle, twinkle and ABC's.  Seriously, he will sing almost the entire song of each and you can actually understand him.  Goal for the next couple weeks--- catch it on video!

You might not know that Graham is a biter.  Oh, wait, you've been bitten by him before?  Not shocking.  The boy may not be able to tell you to stop taking his toy or to move out of his way but he will bite you which probably solves all the previous problems (for him, but gives you a whole new set).  Not kicked out of school yet but we are working on more sign language to help, a new book about what teeth are for and prayers that Church and school continue to be sympathetic.

He loves blowing kisses though, which helps charm all those around him when a biting episode might happen.  He gives big hugs and loves to cuddle in my arms in the morning on our chair.  Our favorite new thing is the hand holding...melt. my. heart.  That sweet little hand wrapped up in mine, might just be the best.

Hoping to be better with kid updates!

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