Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beach bound.

So, I've been a bit slack.  Yes, that is an understatement but this will be a fun post.  In fact, I have two posts at the ready.  On your mark, get set, READ!


One slow Friday afternoon, John and I were laying in bed waiting for the kids to get up from their naps. It was around 3:45 and we were talking about the beach and just wishing we were there.  John says, "Well, do you just want to go?".

"Go?" I say.

"GO"  He says.

Ummm HELLS yea I do.  So we pack in about 8.5 seconds while the kids were sleeping, wake them from their slumber, throw them in the car and we were on the road by 4:30pm.  No joke.  (John's wonderful secretary promised to keep our dogs alive).

We call a couple places, find an amazing last minute rate and zoom on down to sunny skies and white sands.  Both kids were amazing in the car (as they always are) and we arrived at 1:30am, both kids all smiles as we get settled in our little condo.

The 3-day weekend was amazing.  Seriously amazing.  The weather was only slightly cool (60's) when we arrived but warmed up enough for playing on the beach and even wearing SHORTS.  Hallelujah.

The kids must have known it was special and they were certainly on their best behavior.  Just wanting to explore, play, run and giggle.  We ate seafood, snuggled 4 wide on the pull-out bed at night for a movie, tried on big fat sun hats at Perspicacity, picked out new books at Sundog, built sandcastles which Graham promptly destroyed, learned about drip castles and basically enjoyed our first family vacation with just our little family.  It was heaven.

Here, don't take my word for it, check out the pictures.

Would any of you expect less from my husband but to encourage the photo above?

Anna finding shells and Graham making sure all the sand got back into the water.  These are water babies, correction...BEACH babies. What is it about the ocean that calms our souls and puts a perma grin on our faces?

And this last picture Anna is sharing a look as if to say, "Mom, let's just do this again, ok?"

You got it girl, girl.  You got it.


  1. looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  2. I LOVE that you guys took this little getaway together. Road trips are by far some of the best bonding time. And it's especially sweet when you get to touch boobies when you get there. :)

  3. Laura, that is exactly what my husband said.