Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls weekend

After two of my very good girlfriends moved away from Nashville last year, I was kind of down in the dumps.  Moping around the house, wishing for their company and John telling me he no longer wanted to discuss the newest style in shoe and that i HAD to find some new girlfriends.  Well, I realized I DO have lots of girlfriends, some just aren't here in Nashville.  I then realized I have THREE sets of girlfriends wanting to do girls weekends this year.  How awesome is that?  So, the first of three kicked off the year.

And boy was it a GREAT weekend.

So here is my confession.  I have some friends I met online.  I know, I know.  You are probably judging me or maybe you also have done this too?  I met these women when trying to conceive Anna.  It wasn't the easiest process for us and I needed someone to vent, scream, process, learn and lean on that wasn't John.  So long story short, met them through the BabyCenter, we broke away and made a facebook group and the rest is history.  I "met" them over 4 years ago.  Some had met in person, we have chatted on the phone, texted, name it. I am grateful for these, judgment be damned.

It may have been a gray Atlanta weekend but inside was full of sunshine and laughter!

We gathered from all over the country and it was just like meeting old friends. I actually think at one point my face cramped up from laughing so hard!  Each of these women brings something amazing to the table.  We have a Nurse Practitioner, a teacher, a PR/Marketing whiz, an accountant, a soon to be Lactation consultant and current Air Force wife/super mom, and a former eye-guru who is now basically a super mom.   Who am I kidding, the term "super mom" needs to be attached to ALL our names.

L: Holly and baby Scarlett, R: Shelley (standing) and Amber

One of the ladies is actually my twin.  Weird, right?  Here's why...  We have sons named Graham, dogs named Cooper, husbands who are only children and attorneys, creative jobs, 5'11", blonde hair...well, the list goes on.  And well, our kitchen dance parties are now legendary.

What did we do on this wonderful weekend?  We filled our souls with talk and maybe lots of wine and coffee and laughter...oh and sweet baby snuggles.  Scarlett came with Hollie as she is still nursing and we were more than happy to snuggle on that sweet little one to give Momma a break!  And BW and AP (for some reason, that is what I must call them Theresa!) came with Theresa and her husband after they enjoyed the Aquarium.

Sweet Aubrey and her momma, Theresa, R: Me Facetiming with Anna while she meets Bryce.  She just said, "I don't like that guy". Hysterical
The sweetness is too much.

The crew

Great friends are not always easy to find.  Ones that you connect with, find comfort with, but when you do find them...well, you hold on tight and then plan your next trip.  Where to next ladies??

Don't ask.  Just enjoy the crazy that is this picture.

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