Monday, August 22, 2011

The Banana is 22 months.

I had a realization that in less than two months time, I will no longer be able to answer the question, "How old is she?" in months...but years.  As in...Anna is 2.  2...2..TWO!!!!!?!?!? 

This month i feel like I can watch her growing up.  It is really amazing.  She is putting words together, her vocab is ridiculous and she is just so cuddly and loveable.  Now, don't get me wrong, she is still in the crazy terrible two's phase but John and I are both learning what she needs and how we need to help her through this tough time. I mean, how frustrating it must be not to be able to reach the things you want, always express the things you need or understand all these new things around you?

Big deal for us this month is she started a new school AND goes 5 days a week.  It was pretty hard on her and me the first couple days, but she seems to love it and I am able to give her my FULL attention when she comes home.

Letting G now how bed time works around here.

 A couple of her favorites:
Going on a walk...ALL around the neighborhood.
Reading...still reading and absorbing EVERYTHING. New fav books are First the Egg, I'm a Big Sister, Hide and Seek Duck..the list goes on.  The best part is she is very adamant about which books will be read at night.  If you pick out the wrong one, she says, "No, no no no..".  Right book, you get a "YES!".

Watching videos on the iPad of fish, pandas, puppies, kitties, elephants, name the animal, she wants to watch it.
Drawing and coloring!  Her absolutely favorite thing right now.  Her crayons (colors she calls them) and easel get lots of love.  She likes for me to draw circles and hearts and tries to mimic.  My little ar-teest! 

Checking out the longhorn with Sophie B at the Williamson Co Fair.  A GREAT time!

Look at those little tip-toes.

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  1. I love how Graham is watching the iPad so intently like Anna. So cute. Your little babe is a-growin' up!