Wednesday, August 31, 2011

G's 3 month post...

About 2 weeks behind.  Sigh. 

Well, this little guy hit 3 1/2 months.  He sure is giving us a run for our money, I will tell you that!  When is happy, he is honestly the cutest and happiest baby I have ever been around in my life (Anna included).  When he is NOT happy, he is honestly the maddest baby I have ever been around in my life!  We have had some sleep sleep for this momma.  But I will say at least he nurses and goes right back to sleep!  :)

He seems to have regressed a little (HA!) a night so instead of waking once around 3am, he is up around 1:30/2 and again at 5:30am, which starts my day. 

He is SUPER strong!  He wants to "stand" all the time and is constantly trying to sit up on his own.  He also most giggled the other was like he had all this laughter but just didn't know how to release it!  So funny.  He rolled over a long time ago but hasn't done it since but loves tummy time.  I love when he smiles at me, he does so with his entire being.  Melts my heart.  He also loves getting his diaper random is that?  Seriously, all smiles.

Anna now calls for him every morning, noon and night...just to make sure he is included in her role call (Mommy, Daddy...Graham..).  

As much trouble he gives at night, he is a really, really sweet and snuggly baby.  I truly can't stop kissing those cheeks.   He loves to "talk"...saying ah-goo and blowing bubbles.  He is starting to reach for toys and "scoot" on the floor!  I weighed him with me the other day and he came in at 15lbs and is officially out of all 3 month clothes!  He wears 6 month and he is long enough for 9 month pj's.  We are guessing his height will be around 6'3" when it is all said and done.  :)

His new lovey.

We are headed to Atlanta this weekend to get in some family time and for my sister to FINALLY meet this little man!!  Pics to follow.

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