Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graham, You are 2

Two years ago this morning, we had no idea you would be making your way into this world.

Two years ago we had no idea how much oxy-clean we would need, nail scrubbers we would acquire, pirate skills we would learn or bone-shaking hugs we would receive.

Two years ago we had no idea you would want to see my face every morning and have your Dad read to you every night.

Two years ago we had no idea that you would truly change our lives.

You are become such an amazing little boy; full of adventure, full of laughter, head-strong like your father, love to dance like me, smart like your sister and love like only a Roberts can...all in.

John said he couldn't believe that you would be turning 2 already but I can't believe you are only 2.  How have we only known you for two years?  It seems like our entire lives have always been the four of us together.

Finally getting to breath in every piece of you.

I should have known by your quick entrance that you will always be this decisive.  You know exactly what you want and well, you want it right then! You constantly want to know, every moment of the day is a point and a "What's that?" while you think about it, repeat the word and then find something else to fill that beautiful brain of yours.  You love singing with sister...ABC's and the Day of the Week song are top on your lists.

You must know that you are a self-proclaimed pirate.  Yes, I said PIRATE!  Every hanger, stick, straw, tube, toothbrush...becomes a pirate sword brandishing it for anyone (or dog) walking by.  You do want a fair fight and will always give your opponent to the chance to find a "sword"....but find it quick!

We have an exciting day planned for you at Dinosaur World and will celebrate this weekend with all your grandparents at the zoo and a party at home!  We know this year will bring us more joy and excitement shown through the eyes of a little boy.

I want you to always know what a special boy you are to us.  You are teaching us every day, testing limits, keeping us on our toes but most of all...showing us truly what love is.

Happy Birthday Buddy Dude!!


  1. I love every ounce of this! And I love watching you love your babies. That first photo makes my heart flutter. Happy Birth Day to my beautiful friend, beautiful mama. Love you.