Monday, October 15, 2012

Time flying

Realized today as I was starting Graham's 16 month post that I only have a few more days to get it in before I should do a 17 month update.  WHA??  And with Anna turning 3 on Thursday (post to come), I am in a time warp that refuses to slow down.  But hey, that's what everyone says so we are choosing to just roll with it and enjoy every second.

Let's talk about Graham.  What a difference a month can make!

Last night he correctly made the sounds for

Kitty (I put this one in even though its a little rough sounding... )
Elephant (with hand motion!!)
Lion/Bear/Tiger (they all sound the same...GRRRRR!!!)
Monkey--OO  OO OO
Owl-  OO OO OO...haha!

And his new  Sounds like "ish".  LOVES them.  As soon as we get to the gym, he runs to the fish tank pointing, laughing and saying "ISH, ISH!!".

His language is improving like crazy and I finally got a couple "Mama" 's out of him the other day.  Finally...  He says "Up" all the time and something like "more milk"...but I think only I can understand that one.  He still loves to snuggle in the morning and will back up to my lap and just cozy in for our morning milk/coffee time.  (coffee just for me, I promise).  His first set of molars are finally all in..whew!  Brings the total teeth count to 12!

After taking him to the Pumpkin Patch at Walden Farms this past weekend, we truly realized this kid has NO fear.  Reaching right into the animal cages, grabbing goat horns, dancing crazy to some banjo music and running FAST to anything new and fun.  What a difference boys are!

He is a pro with a spoon, requests his O's like a pro and still loves to give hugs and kisses, waves bye and basically the sweetest little boy we could ever want.

Can I freeze him right now, please?!?

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